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Frequently Asked Questions

Product related questions:

Q: Are the products authentic?

A: All of the products sold at our online store are completely authentic and fresh from the official Hermès stores. If you find a fake product at our store we will refund double the money you paid.

Q: Do you include the official invoice with the product?

A: We can include it if you request a copy of the official Hermès invoice and the payment ticket with the card, so you can have two strong indicators of authenticity to compare to the characteristics of the product and the data between the invoice and the ticket. Obviously, we will need to cover some details of the invoices for the data protection law.

Q: Can I ask for additional proof of authenticity?

A: Of course you can! but after the purchase. We are glad to show you bank statements with the transaction and other documents to prove the genuineness of the accessory you’re purchasing. However, we won’t provide nor hand copies of identification cards or contracts, we will merely show you the information you need. 

Q: Are the products really brand new in the box?

A: All of the products at our online store are completely brand new in box, including tags and packaging. However, we use the original packaging given by the store, and sometimes they provide boxes and sometimes not. So please ask about it first to be 100% sure about the product you are interested in. 

Q: Do the products come with the original packaging?

A: Yes! All of our products come with their original packaging: box, dust bags and other additional components that Hermès includes with its products. However, sometimes Hermès won’t provide packaging and we can not provide it due to this reason.

Q: Do you take orders?

A: Absolutely! If you can’t find the product you want at our online store, you can contact us and we can find it for you. We will include discounts for your order!

Discounts questions:

Q: Why are the products so cheap?

A: Our products are more accessible than in any marketplace online because our sales commissions are lower. Our prices are competitive and adapted to your possibilities, if you find a product cheaper in other online stores we will match the price.

Shipment questions:

Q: Which countries do you ship to?

A: We ship worldwide.

Q: Do you offer Free Shipping?

A: No. Each product has a cost for shipping depending on the country.

You will exit from our site and may lose our in-page discounts.


You will exit from our site and may lose our in-page discounts.


You will exit from our site and may lose our in-page discounts.


You will exit from our site and may lose our in-page discounts.