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7 Hermès classics that you cannot miss


The fabulous French atelier is one of the most acclaimed fashion houses in the world, with its tradition and history dating back to 1837, Hermès strives every day to create exclusive accessories for its favorite clients, with the premise that they look chic and glamorous. Through the years, the brand has created Hermès classics that have become instant icons of fashion.

If you have followed the path of the Hermès brand for some years now, and you are the proud owner of one of its star accessories, you cannot miss this list of Hermès classics that you should add to your collection, both for dressing up and for your home.

Make a list of these Hermès classics for your next luxury purchase!

  1. Hermès silk scarf
  2. Hermès Oran sandals
  3. Hermès H buckle belt
  4. Hermès Heure H watch
  5. Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet
  6. Hermès Rodeo bag charm
  7. Hermès Avalon blanket

1. Hermès silk scarf


Hermès silk scarves have undoubtedly become one of Hermès classics after the acclaimed Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags. The reason is that these garments represent the true sense of luxury and the quality with which the atelier makes its creations.

Hermès puts a lot of detail in the design of each of its silk scarves, today there are hundreds of different patterns with varied colors, which are achieved through the hard work of many craftsmen who strive to make them to perfection. It is said that 18 months can go by from the idea for a silk scarf design to its arrival in a store. This is a unique accessory!

The truth is that silk scarves in addition to coming in different patterns and colors, can also be obtained in different sizes, ideal to create new looks tying them around your head, shoulders, waist, wrists and even to decorate your Hermès handbag handles.

Having any of these Hermès classics in your wardrobe is a very wise decision, since it gives you incredible versatility when it comes to dressing, both in casual and semi-formal and elegant outfits. Best of all, you can tie the scarves in different ways using the special rings that Hermès offers, so you can put your creativity to work and create your own style.

We advise you to start buying a 90 x 90 cm scarf or Hermès carré and a shawl, both garments will become your infallible options to look very fashionable and vary your basic wardrobe. They are essential!

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2. Oran Sandals


In every closet there should be a good pair of sandals to go out for a walk in summer and spring, luckily Hermès is not far behind in this regard, as it offers its precious Oran sandals, which display the iconic “H” that identifies the French atelier. These sandals are without a doubt one of the most acclaimed Hermès classics.

Oran sandals come in a wide variety of colors and different types of leather, the most recommended are soft calf leather, in classic colors such as gold, noir (black) and blanc (white). However, you can also find them in patent leather, for a shiny effect.

The simple design of the Oran sandals allows them to be easy to combine with any type of outfit, both dresses and pants, which makes them true Hermès classics. Definitely the Oran sandals from Hermès are just what you need to have versatility in your wardrobe. Have fun combining them!

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3. H buckle belt


For any good elegant or casual look, it is necessary to apply a belt, and what better way to show your status than to wear an H buckle belt, one of the Hermès classics. These incredible accessories come in different types of natural leather, predominately calfskin.

The great particularity of the H buckle belts is their dynamic shape that adapts to any waist, just by adjusting its attractive “H” shaped buckle. However, this accessory is available in several sizes for comfort, as well as different widths to make it more subtle or more noticeable.

Best of all, its buckle can be interchanged from one belt to another, it is removable and can be combined with other belts. But what makes the H belt a true indispensable accessory is its reversible quality, thanks to it you can enjoy two belts in one. Wonderful!

It should be noted that these Hermès classics can be used for any occasion, and they are ideal for men and women.

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4. Hermès Heure H watch


Featuring an iconic “H” shaped silhouette, the Heure H watch is a versatile piece of jewelry that shouldn’t be missing from your collection. This minimalist watch can be found on a wide range of colors, both vibrant and neutral, with a strap made of soft calfskin and metal variations. The hardware of this beautiful watch is usually made of steel, gold or palladium.

As one of the indisputable Hermès classics, the Heure H watch is a perfect companion to a wide range of events and occasions, as it can be matched to casual outfits, as well as business wear and even formal events, thanks to its variations with inlaid diamonds. It can’t get any more luxurious than that!

The Heure H watch can be found on different sizes to be adjusted to your wrist and also to create a subtle look or a bolder approach. The best part is that this watch is completely unisex and can be worn with style by men or women.

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5. Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet


One of the most prominent Hermès classics and bracelets is its Collier de Chien (dog collar), it is a very particular design inspired by a dog collar, it consists of a piece of leather adorned by metal rivets and a ring that resembles a necklace of a dog.

This very original bracelet comes in different types of leathers and colors, as well as different options of hardware; such as gold, palladium, permabrass, and ruthenium.

The addition of this bracelet to your wardrobe can give you that extra touch you need to add strength to your outfits, especially if you are looking for a casual and bold style. Our recommendation is that you buy it in gold and palladium hardware, so you have gold and silver options to put your outfits together.

The favorite combination is the Epsom calfskin in color noir with gold hardware. It is infallible for a night out and an edgy look. For an exotic look, we recommend lizard skin in ombré (shaded) with palladium hardware. You will be in the spotlight!

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6. Hermès Rodeo bag charm


If you’re a Hermès handbag enthusiasts, you definitely can’t miss these Hermès classics. The Rodeo bag charm is by far one of the most acclaimed accessories to add an extra pop to the French house handbags, especially the Birkin, Kelly and Constance models.

This means that if you already have some of these handbags, you can accessorize them by using these cute charms shaped like a little horse, celebrating the brand’s equestrian heritage. The Rodeo bag charms come in a wide array of color combinations, ready to match or contrast your Hermès handbags. The attractive little fringes on the horse’s hair and tail make up a beautiful touch to make your handbag stand out.

The Rodeo bag charms are made of Milo lambskin, a soft material that obtains a beautiful color adhesion, and this is why it is used to create fantastic combinations to catch the eye. These adorable charms are also available with small exotic skin details, such as crocodile or alligator, creating a luxurious and exotic effect.

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7. Hermès Avalon blanket


The tradition of the French atelier is not only limited to its stunning accessories and bags, as today the fashion house is also dedicated to the creation of household objects, cutlery, cup sets and much more.

In this long list of home beauties comes the precious Avalon blanket made of wool and cashmere, its soft surface offers a precious addition to use as a bedspread, as a blanket for your sofa or some other cozy space in your home.

Currently the Avalon blanket comes in different colors, combining beige with caramel color and black with light gray, in checkered or striped patterns with the iconic letter “H” that identifies it as one of the Hermès classics.

It is evident that the Avalon blanket cannot be used as a garment, but it is undoubtedly one of the Hermès classics and represents a very chic touch to decorate the space you live in, so you will show your guests that even your home is dressed in Hermès. A clear example of luxury and sophistication!

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What do you think of these 7 Hermès classics for your wardrobe?

Now that you know these other options from the acclaimed French atelier, you will surely be encouraged to complete your wardrobe with unique pieces of undoubted quality, which will surely accompany you for many years with their timeless style.

If you dare to make your purchases of Hermès classics as soon as possible, we invite you to enter our online store, a space where you will find all your Hermès items with incredible discounts and irrefutable proof of authenticity.

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