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The authenticity elements of your purchases


Luxury investments have become increasingly common in recent times, as many people have realized that by investing in an exclusive accessory, it retains its value for years to come and even increases, resulting in a significant source of wealth or a good profit if sold in the future. Luxury investing is a smart move!

But before making an investment in this type of product, it is imperative to be aware of certain aspects, such as: the place where you will buy the item and the guarantee of its authenticity.

In general, it is thought that products of this nature can only be purchased in official stores of luxury brands, but the reality is that there are some other options that allow you to buy what you want immediately and safely.

In Luxury with Discounts we care for your security and we want you to make the best possible investments, that’s why we want to show you the authenticity elements that you will get with every purchase that you make through our online store. Don’t miss it!

  1. Why is it important to check authenticity?
  2. Meticulous product review
  3. Official store invoice
  4. Ticket or card payment receipt
  5. Bank movement of payment

Why is it important to check authenticity?


Before we get into detail about the elements you can receive with your purchases in our online store, we want to discuss the importance of authenticity, so that you can always be aware when you buy luxury products online.

Authenticity is a very delicate matter when acquiring a luxury product, in the first place, because when making such a significant investment, the least that is expected is that the accessory is completely original, since a great effort is made to acquire it.

This becomes more and more imperative in recent times, as counterfeiters are able to create exact copies of the original products. So, it is very important to be certain that your investment will not be in vain, and that you are acquiring a completely original good.

Checking the authenticity of an item also allows you to trust the place and method of purchase for future opportunities in which you want to reinvest, so it shows you that it is a reliable and widely recommended site, both for your family and for your friends.

Knowing the authenticity of your luxury product is positive for any occasion when you decide to sell it, so you will know that it is an original accessory and you will know its exact value, you can even take it to places where it is evaluated to give you the correct value that you should sell it for. This way you will become a reliable seller for your buyer and you will be able to obtain the returns of your initial investment.

Meticulous product review


Our online store only works with products acquired directly from official luxury stores, and our team of experts takes special care to check every item. They take the time to inspect them rigorously to verify that they are authentic accessories.

The review of the items are done following the patterns established by each exclusive brand, and they vary depending on the wallet, footwear, accessory or jewelry that is acquired.

Official store invoice


Upon completing the purchase of the item, our experts check that the original invoice issued by the official store contains all the relevant data, that is, that it has the correct information to provide customer security and demonstrate the authenticity of the products.

The official invoices are different when it comes to different fashion houses, but in the case of the French atelier Hermès, the official invoices must contain the following information:

  • Exact description of the purchased product, with specific models, sizes, leathers and colors.
  • The serial number stamped on the accessory; this guarantees that this invoice corresponds completely to the product purchased.
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Exact amount or price of the item.
  • Stamps and logos of the Hermès fashion house.

Ticket or card payment receipt


When our shoppers make the purchase of a luxury item, they do so with a special card from our company, which is why at the end they receive the payment receipt for the transaction.

This element together with the invoice from the official store, constitutes an infallible sign of authenticity, since it reflects the exact time, date and amount that match with those of the official invoice.

Bank movement of payment


In addition to the payment ticket and the official invoice, Luxury with Discounts carefully reviews the payment movements of the company card, marking the bank movements that represent the transaction carried out to acquire the luxury product.

This bank statement matches the date, time and amount with the previous items, so it is also a very important point to demonstrate that the shopper purchased said item in an official store, for the specific amount on that exact date and time.

Our customer will receive this element as the fourth and last proof that their luxury purchase was made in full, and their item is 100% original.

Now that you know more about our authenticity method, we invite you to enter our online store, here you can put aside all worries and invest with confidence in the luxury accessories you want, we will take care of the rest.

Trust the experts and enjoy your exclusive accessories!

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You will exit from our site and may lose our in-page discounts.


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You will exit from our site and may lose our in-page discounts.