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Hermès Accessories’ Authentication Levels


If you’re considering buying Hermès accessories online, it’s crucial to pay attention to certain details. The luxury resale market can be a hub for counterfeiters and scammers who produce exact replicas of Hermès accessories and pass them off as authentic, deceiving unsuspecting buyers.

To ensure a safe online purchase of Hermès accessories, it’s important to understand the different levels of authenticity that can indicate the genuine nature of a luxury accessory. By familiarizing yourself with these levels, you can assess the authenticity of a Hermès product before making a purchase.

In the following post, we will outline each level of authenticity for Hermès accessories, providing you with the knowledge to identify genuine products and avoid scams when shopping online. Keep reading to discover a reliable ecommerce store where you can safely buy brand new in box Hermès accessories at discount prices!

  1. Why are Hermès accessories’ authenticity a problem?
  2. Hermès Accessories’ Authentication Levels
  3. Traceability’s importance
  4. Luxury with Discounts: The safest alternative

Why are Hermès accessories’ authenticity a problem?


The issue of authenticity is particularly significant in the luxury resale market, especially with Hermès products, which are not only highly valuable but also considered lucrative investments that can appreciate over time in the right conditions.

Given the prestige, desirability, and value of genuine Hermès accessories, counterfeiters have seized the opportunity to profit by producing exact replicas of these items. These replicas are often crafted with such precision that they are nearly identical to the originals, using high-quality materials to mimic Hermès’ craftsmanship.

Simply relying on invoices or authenticity certificates is not sufficient to distinguish a fake accessory from an authentic one. Invoices can be easily forged, and certificates issued by online marketplaces may lose their validity if experts cannot differentiate between a fake and an original. The quality of Hermès accessories’ replicas has advanced to the point where even seasoned brand experts may struggle to authenticate them with 100% certainty.

This is why it is crucial to request proof of authenticity when purchasing a Hermès accessory, to ensure that it is a genuine product and avoid falling victim to a scam that could result in the loss of your investment.

Hermès Accessories’ Authentication Levels

Hermès accessories are subject to different authentication levels to establish their genuineness. Here, we will outline these levels to help you understand the fundamental aspects that should be assessed to verify the authenticity of a luxury product.



The lowest level entails an Hermès accessory that although it may have some very detailed characteristics, it still has noticeable flaws that can identify it as a fake. This can be recognized in their craftsmanship and sometimes even in the placement of stamps, labels or other minor details that seem off.

Another key point to identify an Hermès accessory with the lowest level of authentication is the absence of its box and dust bag. Most of the counterfeiters, especially the less skilled ones don’t bother replicating Hermès orange boxes and dust bags, as well as other small components that come with original products. This is why a Hermès accessory without packaging can easily be ruled out as fake.

On the other hand, some Hermès accessories are sold without a box and dust bag even if they are authentic, and this usually happens with stolen products, either from stores or from other people’s collections, so you need to be alert not to purchase these accessories, as they can either be fake or stolen.

Standard Low


The standard low level of authenticity involves a thorough physical inspection of the accessory to verify its authenticity, including its packaging, dust bag, and accompanying elements. This examination covers various aspects such as the materials, hardware, construction, stitching, date stamp, metal engravings, and more.

However, the increasing sophistication of counterfeit accessories makes it challenging to determine the authenticity based solely on its appearance. Many counterfeiters have acquired techniques from former Hermès employees or have mastered the replication of these products, often using identical materials sourced from the same suppliers as Hermès.

Therefore, relying solely on a basic physical examination to authenticate a Hermès accessory is not advisable. The market is flooded with fake Hermès products that pass a basic authenticity check, so you need to be cautious when making a purchase



The standard level of authenticity represents a more thorough verification process for Hermès accessories. In addition to a physical examination, this level requires the presence of the official Hermès invoice and, in some cases, an authenticity certificate from an online marketplace that claims to have physically inspected the product.

The Hermès invoice is a crucial document containing detailed information about the product, such as model, size, materials, color, hardware, and a unique date stamp specific to each product. However, counterfeiters can easily forge these invoices by either replicating an original invoice or by purchasing a genuine product and then creating copies of the invoice. Therefore, the presence of an official Hermès invoice alone is not always a reliable indicator of authenticity, especially without additional supporting documents.

Similarly, certificates from online marketplaces can be misleading. There is no guarantee that these marketplaces actually physically inspected the accessory, as they may have relied solely on pictures provided by the seller. Even if a physical inspection was conducted, highly sophisticated counterfeit products can sometimes pass as authentic, making it difficult for even experts to distinguish between the two. As a result, the reliability of these certificates is questionable, and there is a significant risk of purchasing a counterfeit accessory.

While the standard level of authenticity provides some assurance, it is advisable to seek additional proof of authenticity and conduct further investigation before making a purchase.

Standard High


The standard high level of authenticity for Hermès products involves an examination of the accessory, along with the official invoice and marketplace certificate. Additionally, it includes a crucial document that provides a deeper insight into the item’s authenticity: the payment voucher or receipt from the official store.

The payment voucher is a key document that offers a more detailed view of the accessory’s purchase and serves as strong evidence of its authenticity. It should contain three key elements that match the official invoice: the date, time, and exact amount paid. If these details align with the official invoice, it significantly enhances the credibility of the purchase being from a genuine store.

While payment vouchers are harder to falsify, some may still be forged, so you still need to be alert and try to find additional proof of authenticity to complete the inspection.



Aside from the previously mentioned elements, the high level of authenticity entails the presence of another important document that can help you prove that the purchase of a Hermès accessory was made at an official store and that it was actually real. This document is the bank statement.

The bank statement serves as a critical piece of evidence to verify the transaction. It should confirm that the purchase was made at the same store, on the same day and time, and for the same amount as indicated on the payment voucher.

Obtaining a bank statement from sellers may be difficult, as many are understandably cautious about sharing personal information. However, they can provide a bank statement with covered sensitive details while confirming the transaction’s authenticity, specifically matching the details on the official invoice and payment voucher.



Achieving the highest level of authenticity for a Hermès accessory involves ensuring the presence of all previously mentioned elements, as well as additional data and documents that definitively prove the product’s originality and purchase from an official Hermès store.

These documents may include contracts, identity cards, and proof of buy-sell transactions between previous buyers and sellers. They may also include information about the accessory’s previous owners, tracing back to its original purchase at an official store. However, these documents cannot be provided to the buyer due to the sensitive nature of the information they contain. Instead, they can be shown with confidential details covered to demonstrate that the product was indeed purchased at an official store by real individuals. These documents cannot be handed over as copies to the new buyer, but only shown to protect the information while proving the product’s authenticity.

The traceability achieved through the maximum level of authentication can be incredibly helpful in certifying a Hermès accessory’s authenticity. All documents related to this level of authentication can be requested for legal review by representatives such as lawyers, judges, or notaries if needed in a legal process. This is the only way in which personal data can be disclosed, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Traceability’s importance


Establishing the traceability of a Hermès accessory is crucial in verifying its authenticity. It involves gathering evidence about the product’s origins, determining whether it was purchased from an official Hermès store worldwide, or if it is a sophisticated replica crafted from an authentic store-bought accessory.

The world of counterfeiting is vast, with numerous replicas circulating on online marketplaces. Traceability becomes essential in distinguishing between genuine and fake Hermès accessories.

Traceability requires understanding the complete history of the accessory, from its purchase at the store to its current seller. Tracing each transaction helps ensure that all purchases were legal and that the product was originally manufactured and sold by Hermès. This process often involves compiling documents such as contracts and verifying the identities of the individuals or companies involved to prove their authenticity.

However, sellers cannot provide these documents to new buyers or share personal information, as it would violate data protection laws. Sellers should only show specific documents and are within their rights to redact personal information before disclosing them.

Luxury with Discounts: The safest alternative


In the realm of luxury resale, there are numerous online marketplaces available, but only one ensures the authenticity of Hermès accessories. At Luxury with Discounts, we meticulously apply varying levels of authenticity assessment to all our products, ranging from standard to maximum, guaranteeing that each product has undergone thorough scrutiny and authentication.

Every Hermès accessory in our store is clearly labeled with its authenticity level, from standard to maximum, providing you with transparency and confidence before making a purchase.

Beyond our stringent authentication measures, Luxury with Discounts offers the most competitive prices for brand new in box Hermès accessories. A recent study comparing 16 luxury marketplaces attests to our commitment to offering the best discounts for Hermès products.

Not only do we ensure the authenticity of our products, but they are also all brand new in box, available at unmatched prices. This makes Luxury with Discounts your ultimate destination to buy new Hermès accessories online, complete with authenticity documentation and incredible discounts.

Visit our online store today and explore our exquisite collection!

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