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How to keep your Hermès Wallets?


Hermès is a brand recognized worldwide for its incredible leatherwork, creating unique pieces that are both luxurious and durable. Hermès wallets are certainly one of the best small leather accessories offered by the French brand, and their quality is undeniable. However, a certain amount of care is indispensable for these accessories to retain their beauty and value for much longer.

Next, we will show you some keys to keep your Hermès wallets as new as the first day. Don’t miss it and take care of your Hermès wallets’ collection properly!

  1. How to store Hermès wallets?
  2. How to handle Hermès wallets?
  3. How to clean Hermès wallets?
  4. Don’t use them every day

How to store Hermès wallets?


The way you store your Hermès wallets can make a big difference in how they retain their intact appearance. These wallets are made of very fine and delicate materials, such as calfskin with precious metals details, so you need to keep them in a conditioned space to avoid any damage to their components.

When not in use, you should store your Hermès wallets in their original boxes, as these are designed to keep them as protected as possible. Additionally you should always keep your wallets in a ventilated space, where there is no excessive humidity or drastic temperature changes, these agents can produce wrinkles and cracks on natural skin, as well as mold growth and metal tarnishing.

We suggest you keep your Hermès wallets in its boxes inside a dry and clean drawer, far from direct sunlight that can tamper with the calfskin appearance. You should also take them out regularly and allow them to air so they don’t start to deteriorate by not being used.

How to handle Hermès wallets?


We know that Hermès wallets are very beautiful products, but they are also functional and they need to be used if you bought them. Although using them is the final objective of these pieces, you must handle them carefully to avoid damaging them by accident or putting too much stress on their materials.

While wearing your Hermès wallet, store it inside your handbag or in the interior pocket of your jacket or blazer, there they can be protected from any external agent, such as rain, other liquid spillages or risking scratches against rough surfaces. However, there are some Hermès wallets that are designed to be worn alongside your look, such as the Kelly wallet, in this case you can use it as a clutch, but handling it carefully and avoiding scratches to its skin and hardware.

When putting your belongings inside your Hermès wallet, be careful not to overfill it, as this may cause more stress on the leather and cause deformations with time and continuous use.

How to clean Hermès wallets?


Cleaning your Hermès wallets is something that you must do occasionally, you shouldn’t have to clean your wallet regularly, as this may lead to the weakening of its materials. However, if they have been used many times and they start displaying dirt buildup or dust, you can wipe them delicately with a dry, lint-free cloth. Avoid using any conditioners or harsh chemicals that may cause discoloration, cracks and wrinkles on the natural skins.

In the case of hardware or buckles, use a dry soft cloth to wipe away dust, dirt and fingerprints, don’t use water or any chemicals to bring more shine to the piece, as they can deteriorate the metal and cause tarnishing.

If your wallet gets a stain by accident, quickly apply a little bit of water to a cotton cloth and press it delicately on the stain, then use a dry soft cloth to wipe it. Avoid washing the wallet any further or applying cleaning products. In case the stain persists, take the wallet to the Hermès maintenance service to be treated by professionals.

Don’t use them every day


If you want to keep your Hermès wallets looking as pristine as the first time you wore them, the ideal is not to wear them every day. As much as you want to enjoy them and match them to your other accessories, they can get damaged faster if used regularly. This is why it is advisable to have many Hermès wallets that you can rotate regularly and use them all evenly.

This way to use them gives you more room to style the colors and skins of the wallets with your outfits, opting for formal choices, casual choices and even bold choices. By having a good collection of Hermès wallets, you will keep durable functional accessories that will accompany you for decades.

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