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The Best of Hermès watches


Hermès is a brand known for its excellence in leather goods and fashion, so its foray into watchmaking was nothing short of a revelation. The journey for the creation of Hermès watches began in 1978, marking a new chapter in the history of the brand, synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship. The brand had already built a respectable reputation since its inception in 1837, so Hermès’ early watches were an extension of its essence characterized by the high quality of materials, elegance, and above all, exclusivity.

From its beginnings, Hermès has combined Swiss precision with its unmistakable French style, creating pieces that are both works of art and timekeeping instruments. In this post, we will explore how Hermès, with its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, has positioned itself in the competitive world of luxury watches. From its early models to contemporary innovations, all Hermès watches tells a story of craftsmanship and design.

We invite you to keep reading to learn more about these incredible pieces and, why not? Perhaps consider owning Hermès watches.

  1. Hermès’ beginnings in watchmaking
  2. Why buy a Hermès watch?
  3. Hermès watches styles
  4. The best Hermès watches for men
  5. The best Hermès watches for women

Hermès’ beginnings in watchmaking


The brand’s foray into this field not only expanded the possibilities for customers to choose from but also established it as an authority in the world of luxury watches. It was around the year 1912 when Hermès began to flirt with the idea of creating its own fashion house watch. Émile Hermès experimented by attaching two leather straps to a pocket watch that his daughter Jacqueline carried. However, it wasn’t until 1978 when Hermès formally decided to venture into the world of watchmaking, marking a new chapter in its diverse history.

In that year, Hermès opened its first workshop in Biel, Switzerland, the cradle of precision watchmaking. The initial models and prototypes developed there reflected Hermès’ philosophy: to combine functionality with unmatched aesthetic design. Although these early designs were modest compared to future models, they set a standard of excellence and a distinctive style for the fashion house.

For several years, Hermès focused on crafting women’s watches with quartz movements, featuring iconic models like the Arceau, Cape Cod, and Heure H, which were born during this phase. While visually appealing, these designs had relatively basic movements. However, the growing interest in men’s watches with automatic movements led Hermès to make a strategic shift, focusing on more complex and high-quality movements.

In 2003, the brand established a crucial partnership with movement manufacturer Vaucher/Parmigiani, even acquiring a 25% stake. This move was complemented by collaborations with case manufacturer Erard and the exclusive acquisition of dials produced by Nateber.

The brand has successfully evolved with the times, incorporating cutting-edge technology without compromising its heritage and commitment to high-quality craftsmanship.

Why buy a Hermès watch?


Buying Hermès watches is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in quality and prestige. Below, we present some reasons why owning a timepiece from this prestigious brand is a great idea:

  • Quality and precision: Hermès not only represents French elegance but also embodies Swiss precision in watchmaking. Their partnerships with renowned movement manufacturers like Vaucher/Parmigiani ensure unmatched accuracy and performance. Hermès watches are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology, guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability.
  • Exclusive designs: Hermès watches are known for their unique and timeless designs. Models like the Arceau and Heure H are examples of how the brand combines functionality with sophisticated aesthetics. Each watch is a work of art, with designs that stand out for their originality and elegance, reflecting the essence of Hermès fashion and luxury.
  • Long-term investment: Hermès watches not only maintain their value over time but, in many cases, appreciates in value. The exclusivity, quality of craftsmanship, and the brand’s reputation contribute to these watches being highly sought after in the collector’s market, making them a wise and enduring investment.
  • Exclusivity: Owning Hermès watches is a statement of individuality and a symbol of status. This is because, despite the brand’s immense fame for its handbags, such as the iconic Birkin, Kelly, and Constance, as well as its Carré scarf, it is not common to see wrists adorned with a Hermès watch. Only those who know and love the brand choose it over others dedicated solely to fine watchmaking.

Hermès watches styles


While staying true to its elegant and classic style, Hermès has chosen to offer pieces to cater to various tastes and styles, including:

  • Casual: They offer a blend of comfort and chic style. These watches typically have a more relaxed design, with vibrant colors and interchangeable straps that allow you to personalize your look for different occasions. They are ideal for everyday wear, delivering the quality and distinctive design characteristic of Hermès.
  • Formal: Hermès formal watches are true pieces of jewelry. These watches are designed to impress, with exquisite details like diamond inlays, elaborate dials, and elegant straps that complement evening attire and gala outfits. They epitomize opulence and luxury, destined to be the center of attention at special events.
  • Sporty: Hermès also offers sport-style watches that combine functionality and style. These watches are designed to withstand physical activities, featuring characteristics such as water resistance, chronographs, and durable materials. Despite their practical focus, they maintain a refined aesthetic.
  • Apple Watch and Accessories: In collaboration with Apple, Hermès has launched its own line of Apple Watches and accessories. These smartwatches combine Apple’s advanced technology with Hermès’ style and craftsmanship. They are distinguished by their exclusive leather straps and various materials, offering a unique fusion of fashion and functionality for the tech-savvy and design-conscious consumer.

The best Hermès watches for men

Cape Cod, 41mm


Featuring a 41mm case, it’s a sublime fusion of elegance and boldness. This iconic model from the brand is distinguished by its rectangular stainless steel case, encapsulating a modern and distinctive style, with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and Swiss quartz movement. The typically high-quality leather strap of this watch adds a touch of sophistication and comfort, making it suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Heure H, 34mm


This watch boasts a unique feature: its “H”-shaped case, a direct homage to the brand’s logo. The meticulously crafted stainless steel case frames a moderately-sized dial that perfectly balances elegance and readability. This model often includes a minimalist dial, enhanced by simple hour markers and elegant hands, ensuring clear time reading. The 34mm size is perfect for a variety of wrists, offering a notable presence without being overwhelming.

Hermès H08, 42mm


Part of Hermès’ latest collection, this watch stands out for its bold design and robust construction. The 42mm case, larger and more eye-catching, is made from a blend of high-end materials such as titanium or stainless steel, providing exceptional strength and durability. The dial design is distinctly modern, with a focus on simplicity and readability. The hands and hour markers are clear and easy to read, often complemented by a discreet date window, adding practical functionality to the elegant design. The dial is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, ensuring longevity and clarity over time. The strap, available in options like rubber or leather, offers exceptional comfort and versatile style, making this watch suitable for both casual and professional settings.

The best Hermès watches for women

Nantucket, 29 mm


It’s a charming and delicate piece that combines feminine elegance with a touch of modernity. The watch case, with its dimensions of 29 mm, is crafted from high-quality materials like rose gold, sapphire crystal, a white mother-of-pearl dial, and a Swiss quartz movement. This Nantucket model from Hermès is perfect for women who prefer elegant and modest-sized watches that stand out for both their timeless design and practical functionality. It’s ideal for special occasions, reflecting a refined style.

Heure H, 25 mm


This model, instantly recognizable for its “H” shaped case, is emblematic of Hermès’ ingenuity and its ability to merge design with functionality. Despite its compact size, the watch exudes a notable presence, with a clean and well-proportioned dial that facilitates time reading. The case, made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, features simple hour markers and delicate hands.

Heure H watch, 25 mm with diamonds


This is an exquisite display of luxury and precision. This elegant watch stands out with its palladium case set with brilliant diamonds, featuring 192 pieces totaling 0.412 carats, reflecting unparalleled attention to detail. The dial, also adorned with diamonds—196 in total, totaling 0.507 carats—is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, ensuring clarity and resilience. Equipped with a Swiss quartz movement. Despite being water-resistant up to 3 bars, it is recommended to avoid water contact while wearing it, especially due to its delicate exotic skin.

Each style, whether elegant, casual, sporty, or the innovative Apple Watch line, reflects Hermès’ dedication to excellence and innovation. Owning Hermès watches is not just an investment in a luxury accessory but also in a piece with imposing style.

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