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7 Luxury Hermès Items to Start Your Collection


Starting a luxury fashion collection is a significant step toward refinement, prestige, and building your legacy, and there’s no better starting point than with Hermès items, the iconic French fashion house. Its history and craftsmanship make it a symbol of exclusivity and elegance.

This post is an essential guide for those who aspire to immerse themselves in the opulent world of luxury fashion and want to begin on a grand scale. It provides insight into why this brand has become an undisputed icon in the realm of luxury. You will discover why Hermès continues to be at the top of collectors’ and connoisseurs’ wish lists and how its pieces not only symbolize status but also represent an investment in quality and timeless design.

We will explore why owning an item from this brand is a smart decision in terms of fashion, style, and investment. From the challenges of acquiring these coveted pieces to tips on which ones to choose to start your collection, this post is designed to enlighten and guide your path in the world of luxury. Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or looking to enter this exclusive club, you will find valuable information that will help you better understand the importance of including Hermès items in your personal luxury fashion collection.

  1. Why is the Hermès brand so highly sought after?
  2. Is it difficult to acquire Hermès items?
  3. Luxury items to start your collection

Why is the Hermès brand so highly sought after?


Hermès is coveted in the world of luxury for several key reasons. Founded in 1837, Hermès began as a harness and saddle workshop, gaining fame among European nobility. This rich history and craftsmanship tradition are fundamental to its prestige. Additionally, the brand uses the highest quality materials and meticulously attends to details. Each item is handmade by expert artisans, ensuring unmatched quality, and its elegant and timeless designs transcend fleeting fashion trends, ensuring that its products remain relevant and in demand over time.

Hermès items are known for their limited availability, which enhances their exclusivity. Some items are not sold to just anyone, and in some cases, it is necessary to join long waiting lists to acquire them, often causing them to retain or even increase in value over time, making them attractive investments as well as luxury items. These combined factors contribute to making Hermès one of the most coveted and respected brands in the world of luxury.

Is it difficult to acquire Hermès items?


It is possible, and this is due to some important factors:

  • Limited production: Hermès is known for its limited and controlled production of items, especially for its most iconic and coveted pieces. This ensures that quality and exclusivity are maintained, but it also means that fewer products are available in the market.
  • High price: The cost of Hermès items is significantly high due to the quality of materials and craftsmanship. This can be a barrier for many buyers, limiting accessibility to a select group of customers.
  • Exclusive sales policy: Hermès has exclusive sales policies. For example, not all customers can simply walk into a store and buy a Birkin bag; often, these products are offered to regular customers or those with an established relationship with the brand.
  • Limited availability in stores and online: The most exclusive pieces are rarely available on Hermès’ online store and in physical stores, they can be even harder to find.

Luxury items to start your collection

Here is a list that will serve as a guide to start a conscious luxury collection, as it consists of timeless and classic Hermès items that are perfect as initial additions to a luxury wardrobe:

Piumino Extra-light Puffer Coat


It exhibits a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and a refined silhouette despite being visually voluminous, avoiding unnecessary embellishments to maintain a sophisticated look.

This coat is designed to be exceptionally lightweight, making it comfortable to wear without sacrificing its function of providing warmth, making it an excellent choice for winter, especially in cold climates where mobility remains a priority. It is available for both men and women.

First Oxford Shoe


They are an elegant interpretation of the classic Oxford shoe, reflecting the sophistication and timeless style for which the brand is known. They are meticulously crafted with the highest quality leather, ensuring not only durability but also a refined aesthetic. The design incorporates an imposing silhouette with a rustic sole, but the design is softened by the very bright palladium Kelly closure.

Neo ankle boots


These ankle boots are made of pure high-quality leather, known for its softness and durability. The design is characterized by clean lines and an elegant shape, offering a modern yet timeless aesthetic. These boots embody minimalism, and the iconic Kelly closure stands out, declaring loudly that it is part of the Hermès items.

The boot’s construction is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit, with a heel that provides modest elevation without sacrificing comfort. The versatility of the Neo Ankle Boots makes them suitable for both casual outfits and more formal combinations, making them a luxurious staple in any fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe.

Padlock Amulette Pendant


This pendant can be made in white or yellow gold and features a design inspired by the classic shape of a padlock, a recurring motif in Hermès items. Its size and proportions make it versatile and suitable for daily wear or more formal occasions.

Kelly Belt


Inspired by the iconic design of the Kelly bag, this luxury accessory combines functionality and sophistication. This belt is crafted with the highest quality leather, and the most prominent element is its buckle, reminiscent of the classic closure of the Kelly bag, giving it a distinctive and recognizable touch of elegance.

Clic-Clac double face scarf 90


Just to mention one of the various prints that Hermès offers, this carré scarf with its comfortable size and soft materials offers endless uses to add a pop of color to any outfit, especially for daytime events. On our online store, we not only have the Clic-Clac double face scarf 90 model but many others that can gradually enrich your luxury collection.

Arceau Watch


This watch, with its distinctive 40mm round case, perfectly combines functionality with sophisticated style. The strap, made of high-quality Hermès leather, adds a touch of elegance and comfort. Attention to detail extends to the watch’s movement, which is often mechanical and highly precise, demonstrating Hermès’ fusion of classic watchmaking tradition with contemporary design. The 40mm Arceau is more than just a watch; it is a piece of jewelry that expresses a sense of discreet luxury.

The Hermès items we have described are ideal for starting a luxury collection that can stand the test of time. Why? Because they are classic pieces, you can wear them frequently on a variety of occasions without them ever going out of style. Moreover, these luxury pieces are made from high-quality materials, meaning they won’t lose their value with use or time, and it’s even possible that they may appreciate in value.

Visit our online store and discover all the authentic Hermès items we have for you, with incredible discounts, allowing you to start your collection of luxury items or add more and better pieces to your wardrobe.

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