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How to take care of Hermès home items?


The Hermès brand has done more than creating luxury accessories, as it has produced Hermès home items for a few decades now, taking the luxurious meaning to your living spaces and providing lasting and beautiful decorations.

The materials that compose these pieces are of undeniable quality and very delicate, so it takes the right amount of care to keep them looking pristine for many years to come. This is why we have decided to give you some useful tips to take care of Hermès home items. Don’t miss out!

  1. How to store Hermès home items?
  2. How to clean Hermès home items?
  3. How to handle Hermès home items?
  4. Limit their use to special occasions

How to store Hermès home items?


Although Hermès home items are usually objects that want to be displayed as home decoration or used on a daily basis, there are still some products that call for a more delicate approach and that are best to keep stored until used, especially because of their delicate materials. These products are tableware, decorative trays and textiles. Here are some tips to store these products depending on their type.

Tableware and decorative trays


Hermès tableware and trays are very impressive but especially delicate as they are made of porcelain or crystal, so they need to be stored correctly to avoid any breakage or damage. When not in use, store them inside their original box, with Hermès protective paper and slots. Place the box in a cupboard or shelf, but make sure that the room has a stable temperature and no direct sunlight, as sudden changes of temperature may lead to porcelain breakage. Sunlight is also detrimental to the prints on Hermès tableware and trays, because it can cause discoloration.

As much as Hermès tableware and trays are beautiful, we don’t recommend displaying them on your cupboard or shelves, don’t let them sit unprotected and exposed to accidents or external agents. It is important to note that you shouldn’t place any other box or heavy object on top of the Hermès box, as it may crush the porcelain and cause breakage.

Blankets and textiles


Hermès blankets and textiles are delicate products, often made of wool or cotton, and as much as they are functional objects, if you want to preserve them the best you can, you need to give them a rest from time to time, and this means storing them in a safe place where they can be protected.

The right spot to store your Hermès textiles is in an open closet that is ventilated enough, and where there is no direct sunlight or sudden temperature changes. Humidity is also a key factor, the humidity levels should be stable, this way you avoid moths and mold. Store the blankets or towels inside their original boxes, fold them delicately to preserve their shape and avoid deformations.

Avoid hanging your blankets with common hangers, as over time the wool can give in and lose its shape. This method is also detrimental because other garments can tangle with the delicate wool fibers and unravel the fabric.

Decorative pieces


Hermès decorative pieces can be made of a great range of materials, amongst them are leather, wood and porcelain, these three materials need to be properly stored to avoid damage. When not in use, keep them inside their original box with protective paper. Same as with Hermès tableware or decorative trays, these pieces need a right place to be stored, without any heavy objects on top.

Look for a humidity free space, with no direct sunlight or temperature changes, these external agents can affect leather greatly, leading to wrinkles, cracks, deformation, discoloration and mold growth. Sunlight and humidity can also be detrimental to wood, so keep it well protected from it.

How to clean Hermès home items?


Hermès home items are made to be functional and decorate your home, so they may be used for longer periods of time than any other accessory. Inevitably, this may lead to dirt and dust accumulation over time, that at some point can really stain your Hermès home items and take away their shine.

Cleaning your Hermès home items is something that you need to do at least monthly, especially if they are sitting at your house, exposed to dust, dirt and other elements that may stain them. However, the way in which you clean the Hermès home items will depend on the material that they are made of. Here we give you some tips to each material:

  • Porcelain: to wash your Hermès trays or tableware, do it by hand, using a mild dish soap and cold water. Don’t put them in the dishwasher, high temperature water may damage their prints. Avoid serving strongly colored food on them to prevent stains to the tableware.
  • Leather: if your leather decorative objects have dirt or dust, use a dry lint-free cloth and wipe it away gently, don’t rub too hard or use water. You can use a specialized conditioner for luxury natural leather to finish cleaning the piece and moisturize it.
  • Wood: wipe away dust or dirt with a dry lint-free cloth and later apply high-quality wood conditioner to keep the wood lustrous and moisturized. Never use water or soap to clean wood.
  • Wool: your Hermès blankets should not be washed until you can tell that they are very dirty or that they have a visible stain, this is because wool is a very delicate material and it shouldn’t be put under stress unnecessarily. Once your wool blankets are very dirty, hand wash them carefully using mild soap and cold water, avoid rubbing too hard or brushing the wool, a few minutes soaking can be enough. Don’t wring the material, remove excess water by pressing it against a cotton towel. Then let it air dry under the shade.
  • Crystal: Hermès home items made of crystal, such as crystal ware need to be cleaned delicately by hand, with cold water and mild dish soap. Never put your Hermès crystal ware inside a dishwasher, hot water can damage any print or detail that they have, and it can also break them.

How to handle Hermès home items?


The way you handle your Hermès home items can make a big difference in their overall appearance and preservation, and although they are meant to be used more than any other accessories, you need to handle them carefully to prolong their useful life and avoid accidents. Here are some simple tips to do it:

  • Keep wood, leather and printed porcelain items away from direct sunlight, with time this causes discoloration.
  • Don’t put Hermès tableware or crystal ware inside a microwave or oven, prolonged heat can break porcelain and crystal. You should also be especially careful with some Hermès tableware that have gold rims, if put inside a microwave, it can cause an explosion and damage both the tableware and the microwave.
  • Be careful while using a wool blanket or laying on top of it, try not to get any jewelry or metal object tangled with the fibers.
  • Don’t place metallic objects inside a Hermès decorative tray, they may scratch the print.
  • Avoid liquid spillages near your Hermès textiles or other decorative accessories, especially if they are made of leather and wood.
  • Keep children and pets away from your Hermès home items, this way you will prevent spillages, breakages or any other accident.

Limit their usage to special occasions


Hermès home items are a beautiful addition to your home, and we’re sure you want to use them all year long. However, if you want to protect their materials and take care of your investment, it is best to know when to use them and reserve some of them for special occasions.

Tableware and crystal ware are perfect for this purpose, you can save them for special visits, holidays or any other important date to impress your guests. Some decorations can also be taken out on special moments, such as Hermès trays or blankets.

The best is to know the frequency in which you use your Hermès home items and know when it is ok to keep a decoration for longer, and when it is time to give it a rest to preserve its materials.

So, are you ready to take care of your Hermès home items?

Now that you have these tips at hand, you can start building your own collection of Hermès home items, so your house will look luxurious on every occasion.

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Don’t wait any longer and decorate your home with Hermès home items!

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