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Where to buy luxury to seize your investment?


Luxury investment has become one of the most profitable and secure markets in recent times, thanks to the constant revaluation of some luxury accessories in the resale market and auctions, which reach impressive values day by day and continue to remain stable despite the global economic crises.

If you’ve invested in luxury before, or if you’re just getting started, we want to show you that there are ways to invest wisely for a better return in the future. It’s all about knowing where to buy luxury items and knowing what you’re looking for when you do.

Here are some tips and options that are ideal for you, read on and find out!

  1. Set a goal
  2. Research your product options
  3. Where can you buy luxury?
  4. Where to buy luxury to seize your investment?

Set a goal


Before you start investing in luxury, you must define what your short- and long-term objectives will be, like any investment, you must allocate a budget for this purpose. Fortunately, unlike other investments, investing in luxury is a safer move, since in most cases you will always be able to recover your investment, even if you do not make a profit, and it will not be so easy to experience losses.

When getting organized you must consider not only how much budget you will allocate to your investment, but also what objectives you have with it. You must know if you will use the accessories you buy, or if on the contrary, you will add them to a collection that you will keep intact for sale. This makes a big difference because if you plan to use the products, you will need to be very careful to keep them in good condition for later sale.

Research your product options


Another important part of starting to invest in luxury is to know which options will bring you the best returns, in this case, it is good to research which luxury items are trending in the resale market and which accessories are preferred by pre-loved buyers.

The leading brands in the resale market have always been Hermès and Chanel, whose exclusive handbags have sold for hundreds of thousands of euros at major auctions. In the case of Hermès, the Birkin and Kelly bags are the most sought after, especially those of limited editions, as well as the models in classic colors and leathers, or exotic leather models.

When it comes to Chanel, this French luxury brand has been competing for years with Hermès and its Birkin bag, so its best-selling exclusive bag is the Chanel Flap Bag, which also stands head-to-head with Hermès accessories.

Although exclusive products are the best sellers on resale platforms, there is also the possibility of making a profit with other accessories from luxury brands, especially Hermès products, which continue to be the market’s favorite. Some accessories such as watches, silk scarves, belts, wallets, and shoes are also ideal for investment.

Where can you buy luxury?

Currently, there are many alternatives to buy luxury products, both going to official brand stores, multi-brand stores, and online marketplaces. These places have advantages and disadvantages that we will share with you below.

Official stores

Official stores are the most used channel when it comes to acquiring luxury products of the different brands, because naturally, most people go to the official places of the brands, however, they are not always the most convenient place to acquire your luxury items, although it seems to be the opposite case.

The big fashion houses tend to increase their prices constantly to adapt to global economic changes, as well as to remain relevant in the luxury and exclusivity scene, this makes the official stores not a suitable place to invest and take advantage of your investment, as you will spend more money than necessary, and you can never get a discount.

Another reason why the official stores are not the most appropriate place to buy luxury is that to get some of the exclusive products of the brands, it is necessary to join waiting lists that can extend for years, this is because the fashion houses limit their inventories to maintain the exclusivity of their most iconic products. No doubt it is annoying to have to wait so long to buy what you want.

Among the advantages of official stores is authenticity, if you buy luxury products in the original store of the brand, you will always be 100% sure that your products are authentic, and you will be able to obtain the necessary evidence to sell them in the future.

Multi-brand stores

Multi-brand stores are establishments or websites that are dedicated to selling products of major brands, the items they sell are directly provided by the luxury houses. Most of the products sold by multi-brand stores are garments or accessories from previous collections, and none of them are part of the brands’ exclusive accessories.

The retail value of the products is a little cheaper than in the official stores, however, this is not always the case, as the brands still have control over the prices at which the products are sold, and for that reason they also limit any type of discount applied to the accessories, allowing it to be only to certain products, for a low percentage and for a limited time.

Like the official stores, multi-brand stores offer the advantage that their products are always authentic and brand new, as they are supplied by the fashion houses and come with all the regulatory certificates.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are sites that serve as publication spaces for luxury items, both from users who publish their products, as well as accessories offered by companies. These spaces have a wide variety of products, but most of them publish accessories in pre-loved or vintage condition, which means that they have already been used and may show some signs of deterioration.

In the online marketplaces, you can find better prices than in the previous options, since, being pre-loved accessories, their price decreases a little depending on the state in which they are, although many others have been revalued and can be even more expensive. Marketplaces usually make some discounts of 10% or 20% at certain times of the year, but it all depends on the type of marketplace and how it works.

The biggest problem with online marketplaces is that it will not always be possible to check that the products are authentic, as there are many counterfeiters in the luxury industry and most people do not know they bought an imitation, so it is important to be careful when purchasing any product in these marketplaces, whether it is new or in pre-loved condition.

Luxury with Discounts

Luxury with Discounts is an ecommerce store dedicated to the sale of products of the French brand Hermès, in this digital store, you can get a wide variety of accessories from the brand, both clothing for ladies and gentlemen, as classic accessories, among them you can find watches, silk scarves, wallets, shoes, hats, belts and even home decorations, and baby items.

The accessories published on Luxury with Discounts have never been worn and are 100% original, as they are obtained directly from the official stores by the company’s personal shopper service, which means that they offer proof of authenticity with each of your purchases.

As its name suggests, Luxury with Discounts specializes in offering discounts of 35% and up to 40% on all the accessories it sells, thus representing a great advantage to buy luxury, never-worn, and discounted products without having to leave home and having to deal with the regulations of the official stores.

Best of all, Luxury with Discounts price reductions are permanent, meaning you can always seize them, and they will never disappear. What more could you ask for?

Where to buy luxury to seize your investment?


Now that we have been able to analyze the alternatives to buy luxury items, we want to show you which is the ideal place to take advantage of your investment to 100%. As you have been able to see, the most profitable space for this purpose is the online store Luxury with Discounts, and here we explain why.

If you buy luxury accessories, you need the confidence and backing of sufficient proof of authenticity, something you can obtain at Luxury with Discounts, since with each purchase you will receive the original invoice, the card payment receipt, the bank statement, and a gift voucher, with which you can go to any store and exchange your product if you wish.

Proof of authenticity will be necessary when you decide to resell your luxury accessory on one of the online marketplaces, as you will be able to prove to your buyers that your product is original, and therefore retains its value and may increase in value over time.

The variety of products and discounts is something extremely positive since you will not always be able to find it in the other options. The discounts allow you to acquire any product that in the official store would be worth twice as much, and this is a great advantage. By the time you decide to resell the accessory you will not lose any money in the process, and your investment will be more than returned, as you will get much more than what you paid for if you keep the product in good condition.

Finally, the convenience and ease of acquiring the products is a great advantage, since you will not have to leave home and make an effort to get everything you need in different stores, but someone else will buy luxury for you and send it to your home or office very soon.

Do you already know the ideal place to buy luxury seize your investment? You sure do!

If you are ready to start investing in luxury goods, go to our online store, where you can make the most of your money and get your money’s worth for the future. Don’t miss out!

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Learn how to buy luxury smartly and take the first step!

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