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Buy luxury gifts with discounts


The holidays are a great time to show your loved ones that you appreciate them, especially with luxury gifts that will be with them for years to come and will gain value over time.

Luxury accessories are ideal gifts for those who appreciate exclusivity and good dressing, as well as for those who are passionate about fashion and proudly wear a great variety of products from fashion houses.

If your loved ones are lovers of luxury products and you want to give them the best of the best, we want to show you a way in which you can acquire their luxury gifts, saving a big part of your budget and without having to go to the stores.

Read on and find out!

  1. Discounts and fashion houses
  2. Online alternatives
  3. The best option to buy luxury gifts

Discounts and fashion houses


The big fashion houses offer wonderful options to give to your loved ones, however, they are the only place where you will not be able to get luxury gifts with discounts so easily. This is because luxury brands protect their image and exclusivity by keeping their prices stable throughout the year and even increasing them at the beginning of the following year.

This strategy is what keeps them relevant and is responsible for bringing more value to the exclusive products of each of them. If fashion houses constantly mark down their products, more people will be able to purchase them and this eliminates the element of exclusivity which characterizes them, thus reducing the value of their products in the resale markets.

And although some fashion houses have private sales with small discounts at the end of the year, not all customers qualify to enter them, and usually, the products on sale are from previous collections, or completely out of fashion, and do not become ideal accessories to give as luxury gifts to your loved ones.

Want to know more about why fashion houses don’t do discounts? Click here.

Online alternatives


Currently, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to the sale of luxury gifts, both multi-brand stores, which have the authorization and distribution of the official brands, as well as luxury resale marketplaces.

These spaces usually apply discounts on their sales of luxury gifts, but only during certain seasons of the year, or offer discount coupons to those customers who subscribe to their newsletters, or who meet certain requirements.

On the other hand, when we talk about resale marketplaces, these are usually platforms that are dedicated to the sale of pre-loved luxury accessories, so they are not completely new, and there is always the risk of acquiring some counterfeit, since the luxury world is affected by hundreds of counterfeiters, and resale marketplaces cannot always prove the authenticity of their products.

The best option to buy luxury gifts


Luxury with Discounts is an innovative web platform that brings you the best accessories of the Hermès brand, so you can find the perfect luxury gifts for your loved ones. This space has an incredible variety of all kinds of accessories and garments, both for ladies and gentlemen.

In addition, Luxury with Discounts also has the Hermès Home line, so if any of your loved ones like to keep their home stylish, you can access fabulous options to decorate their home. If one of your friends is a new mother, you can also get the items you need to give a very valuable gift to her and her little one.

Luxury with Discounts offers discounts never seen before, with 25% to 40% off on all merchandise. Best of all, you can access them all year long, so you don’t need to wait for the holidays to give luxury gifts to your friends or family, you can do it all year long.

And when it comes to authenticity, you don’t have to worry, since Luxury with Discounts offers 3 foolproof elements of authenticity with each of your purchases, so you can be 100% sure that your products are original.

If you want to know more about authenticity in Luxury with Discounts, check out this article we prepared for you.

The luxury items sold on this platform are sourced by a team of personal shoppers who attend the official Hermès brand stores, so if you need a specific item, they will be able to get it for you and apply a discount on your purchase. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Do you already know where to buy luxury gifts for your loved ones? Of course, you do!

If you are interested in learning more about Luxury with Discounts, click here.

And if you want to visit our store immediately to purchase the products you want, enter this link and enjoy the best of Hermès.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!

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