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Hermès Home: Exclusive Accessories for Your Home


Since its founding in 1837, the Hermès brand has been synonymous with luxury, quality, and unmatched design. Initially known for its craftsmanship in leather goods, the French fashion house has expanded its repertoire over the years to include exclusive home accessories, maintaining its high-end status. This way Hermès Home was born.

It is in this journey of evolution and expansion that, in the mid-20th century, Hermès began to explore the world of interior design, launching its first home collection. This move marked the beginning of a new era for Hermès, extending its legacy of excellence and refinement beyond fashion, into the most intimate and personal spaces of its distinguished clients.

In this post, we will show you Hermès Home accessories that are available at Luxury with Discounts; from decorative pieces that capture the essence of elegance, to functional items that reflect Hermès’ commitment to quality and craftsmanship, each product is a work of art in itself. We will detail their manufacturing characteristics and the materials used in their creation.

Keep reading and discover where to buy Hermès Home items to transform and elevate your spaces with their unmistakable touch of luxury.

  1. Cushions and pillows
  2. Blankets
  3. Beach towels
  4. Rugs, décor, and tableware

Cushions and pillows

Cushions and pillows are crucial elements that give a fresh and comfy ambiance to your living room and bedroom. Hermès Home cushions and pillows are incredibly varied, even catering to children’s rooms, leading them to dream and play in a comfortable space. Here are some of the best Hermès Home cushion and pillows that we have at Luxury with Discounts.

Épopée Quilted Pillow


It is made in an elegant cream white tone, crafted with a removable cover of jacquard-woven merino wool (93%) and cashmere (7%). This cushion not only promises exceptional softness and warmth but also stands out for its durability and quality.

Its polyester filling provides optimal support, while the delicate embroidered horse motif, made with 96% polyester and 4% ceramic, adds a distinctive note of sophistication. With dimensions of 42 x 42 cm, this cushion is the perfect addition to enhance any sofa, chair, or bed in your children’s room.

H Diagonale Pillow


This is a piece of decor that encapsulates the essence of luxury and comfort. This cushion, which comes carefully protected in a dust bag, features a sophisticated color that combines tones of fir and mocha wood, offering a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Handwoven and wrapped in a 100% cashmere cover, this cushion guarantees unparalleled softness and a premium comfort experience. Despite its non-removable cover, the cushion stands out for its blanket stitch finish, a detail that adds a crafty and refined touch. With a polyester filling that ensures optimal fullness and support, and dimensions of 43 x 43 cm, the H Diagonale Pillow is the perfect addition to any space seeking a balance between style and comfort.


Hermès Home blankets are functional items that are not only comfortable but also beautiful and luxurious. Their impressive modern designs and their soft materials make them the perfect touch for your beds and sofas, so you can enjoy a day or night in with Hermès luxury and softness. Here we present some of the best Hermès Home blankets we have in stock.

H Diagonale Blanket


It is woven in Nepal with 100% cashmere, with a blanket stitch finish that ensures durability and adds a touch of elegance. This 205 x 145 cm blanket stands out for its design inspired by Hermès’ 1929 advertisement “For Gentlemen and Ladies”, reflecting the exquisite Art Deco style of the era. Designed by the Hermès Studio, it combines functionality, history, and style, making it a collector’s piece for lovers of comfort and refined aesthetics.

Avalon III throw blanket


in its original box, this decorative blanket stands out for its combination of navy and khaki colors, woven in an exquisite blend of Merino wool (90%) and cashmere (10%), offering great softness and comfort. Each corner of the blanket is adorned with Hermès’ iconic ‘H’, finished with a blanket stitch for increased durability and a refined aesthetic. Its dimensions of 135 x 170 cm make it the perfect addition to any space seeking a touch of luxury and warmth.

Beach towels

Hermès Home items don’t only entail objects you can use at home, but they also extend to comfortable products that you can take with you to trips to the beach or pool. Hermès Home beach towels are impressive, with incredible colorful designs and high-quality materials. Here we show you some of the best Hermès Home beach towels.

Wave Beach Towel


This Hermès beach towel is distinguished by its extraordinary softness and absorbency, ensuring an unparalleled experience in touch and use. The design of the “Wave Beach Towel” is inspired by the energy and movement of the sea, featuring a dynamic visual pattern that evokes ocean waves in a play of colors and shapes that captivate the eye.

It is made of 100% cotton, measures 90 x 150 cm, and comes with a dust bag.

Yachting Tatoo Tressages Marins


Made with high-quality cotton, it offers exceptional softness to the touch and superior absorbency, ensuring comfort and efficient drying after a swim in the sea or pool. The design of the “Yachting Tatoo Tressages Marins” is characterized by intricate patterns that mimic nautical tattoos and marine weaves, blending traditional elements with a contemporary touch.

It is woven in Germany, its patterns are screen-printed in France, and it measures 90 x 150 cm.

Rugs, décor, and tableware

Hermès Home decorations are very important to provide style and luxury to your home. From modern rugs, to contemporary decoration pieces and distinguished tableware, here are some of the best Hermès Home decoration pieces you can get at Luxury with Discounts.

Cordelie H Vibration Carpet


Made with 100% cotton on a linen base, each rug is the result of a lengthy assembly process that highlights very detailed work. Skilled artists in India use an embroidery hook to carefully apply a cotton cord onto the linen, precisely creating lines and geometric shapes that resemble pencil drawings.

This traditional technique brings unique designs and rich textures to life, offering not only a decorative element for your space but also a piece of art. With its generous dimensions of 200 cm x 300 cm, it is ideal for decorating large spaces such as living rooms and studios.

Alezan bookend set


Manufactured in Indonesia, these bookends have a height of 15 cm, an ideal size for stylishly holding a variety of books on your shelf. They also feature a base in Taurillon leather, which prevents them from slipping. These bookends are both functional and decorative.



Hermès has also dedicated a space to improve the kitchen and dining rooms of its loyal customers and new ones who want to enjoy the luxury that Hermès offers. That’s why they provide a wide variety of plates, coffee cups, and mugs, characterized by their bright and elegant patterns. If you’re feeling bold, you can even mix and match elements from different collections to create an original and eye-catching tableware set.

Hermès is one of the most acclaimed fashion brands worldwide, as it not only offers clothing and accessories but also extends its reach to your home, ensuring that luxury surrounds you in every aspect.

At Luxury with Discounts we offer a wide collection of Hermès Home items to decorate your home, our discount prices are the best of the luxury resale market, and we offer 100% guarantee of authenticity with each of your purchases.

Enter our online store and buy new authentic Hermès Home items with discounts!

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