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How to care for a Hermès Hat?


When it comes to fashionable and versatile accessories, Hermès hats are unmatched. With a range that goes from caps, to beach hats and beanies, these luxury accessories embody beauty and craftsmanship. However, it is essential to know how to care for Hermès hat materials, as they are made of delicate canvas, straw and cashmere.

Next, we will answer some of your questions about how to care for a Hermès hat, so you can know how to properly treat these pieces and prolong their useful life. Discover how to keep them in the best possible condition!

  1. Where to store a Hermès hat?
  2. How to clean a Hermès hat?
  3. How to keep your Hermès hat in shape?

Where to store a Hermès hat?


Storing your Hermès hat in an adequate place is one of the most important aspects when taking care of it. This will depend on the materials that compose it, but essentially, all Hermès hats should be kept in their original boxes, as they can provide perfect protection from external agents that may cause major damage.

When dealing with a straw hat, which is the most delicate material in which a Hermès hat can be made, you should store it in its original box, and place the packaging in a space where there is stable temperature and humidity, especially the latter. This is due to the natural quality of straw, which needs to be in a stable level of humidity, so there shouldn’t be excessive moisture around the box, nor too little, as it also needs some kind of moisture to stay in shape.

When it comes to cashmere beanies, it is also important to control humidity, and be alert to avoid moths that may infest the wool. Canvas is by far the easiest material to store when it comes to Hermès hats, but it should also be kept in its original box. Finally, all hats should be kept away from direct sunlight, as this agent can deteriorate the materials, discolor them and cause deformations with time.

By storing your Hermès hats correctly you can prevent any damage, but you should also store them properly inside their boxes, as if put incorrectly you can cause bends that may lead to deformations, altering the original hat’s shape.

How to clean a Hermès hat?


Cleaning a Hermès hat must be a task that is taken as a last resort, when faced with a stubborn stain or an accidental spill. Normally, Hermès hats should be clean as long as you handle them properly and avoid any staining elements, especially by not using any hair products before wearing them. However, it is possible that your hat gets a stain or that it progressively gets dirty with use. Here are some tips on how to proceed depending on the situation:

  • In case of a stain: if your canvas hat gets stained, the first thing you should do is use a mild soap, apply it and rub it delicately with a little bit of water, then rinse carefully and leave it to dry in a shaded place, don’t wring the excess water. If your cashmere beanie is stained, repeat the same process, but without rubbing too hard or wringing, as this can damage the wool fibers. With a straw hat, it is preferable to take it to the Hermès maintenance service, so it can be properly treated by professionals.
  • In case it gets wet: If any of your hats gets wet during a storm, or by any other causes, it is necessary to let them air dry in a shaded place, don’t attempt to put them under the sun, nor inside a dryer. If your hat got wet with a different liquid, or pool water, it is important to rinse it first, to remove any damaging chemicals or substances, and then let them air dry naturally without wringing. If your hat got wet with something sticky, such as soda or any sugary drink, it is best to take it to a professional cleaning service to avoid further damage.
  • Regular maintenance: even if your Hermès hat didn’t suffer any stains or it didn’t get wet, it is also crucial to keep it clean to prolong its life and beauty. For this it is necessary to avoid using any hair products before wearing it, as the chemicals can damage the interior and potentially stain it. If your hat gets dirty while wearing it, or keeping it stored, use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe away dust or dirt. Don’t apply water or any other product.

How to keep your Hermès hat in shape?


Regardless of its material, a Hermès hat should be kept in perfect shape and to do it it is important to rely on the original box. By keeping your Hermès hat in its original box, you minimize the risks of it losing its shape, but it is also essential to put it in the box correctly, which means you need to place it carefully, without bending any sides or the brim. You should also be careful not to place anything on top of the box, avoiding crushing the hat and risking its shape.

If your hat’s shape gets compromised, you can take it out of the box and place it in a rounded object that resembles a head, or in a mannequin head, and then, with clean hands, proceed to mold it as best as you can to help it regain its shape. You can also wear it more regularly to bring it back to its original appearance.

Now that you know how to care for a Hermès hat, you can take care of the hats in your collection, or feel confident that you will know how to keep them beautiful if you buy them anytime soon.

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