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4 Tips to keep Hermès Jewelry pristine


Luxury jewelry is not like any other common piece, it is indeed composed of very special pieces that need the right care to stay perfect for longer. And when it comes to beautiful and luxurious accessories, the Hermès jewelry can’t be left behind, as it is one of the most exclusive brands with an impressive jewelry collection.

If you’re the proud owner of several Hermès jewelry pieces, or if you’re contemplating buying Hermès jewelry soon, we want to give you 4 tips to keep your Hermès jewelry pristine for longer, keeping not only its shine intact, but also its value. Keep reading!

  1. Store your Hermès jewelry in the right place
  2. Wear it in appropriate occasions
  3. Handle with care
  4. Cleaning and maintenance

Store your Hermès jewelry in the right place


Storage is a very crucial point to prolong the useful life of your Hermès jewelry, this is why it is recommended to keep them in their original boxes and dust bags, or at least in separated boxes, as if they are stored together, or with other common jewelry, they may get tangled with other pieces and even break. Another risk that may arise if you store your Hermès jewelry with other jewelry, is that the different materials may collide and this may cause more tarnishing or deterioration to both pieces.

Aside from the box in which you store your jewelry, it is important to know that you should find an adequate space in your house to put your jewelry box or your different Hermès boxes with your jewelry. The most recommended place is a space with stable temperatures and humidity, especially the latter, as it is the element that can easily tarnish the metals and damage the precious stones. However, if your Hermès jewelry has pearls on it, it is important to keep a little bit of humidity in the environment, since it is a natural material that needs a little bit of moisture.

The space destined to store your jewelry in your home must also be a place that is safe from any water spillages, corrosive chemicals or excessive sunlight, all of these external agents can really affect the appearance of your Hermès jewelry and deteriorate it faster than normal.

Wear it in appropriate occasions


Style and luxury implies a very delicate balance, and part of knowing how to dress and how to use exclusive accessories is related to knowing when to wear them. When it comes to Hermès jewelry, these accessories are easily matched thanks to their timeless and minimalist appearance, but they are also destined to specific moments to be worn, not only to offer a more cohesive look, but also to protect their materials.

Even though a Hermès necklace, bracelet or ring can look stunning with your beachwear while on vacations, you must be very careful to safeguard the integrity of their materials. It is not recommended to use Hermès jewelry while swimming at the beach, in a pool, hot tub or even in a sauna, as the excessive moisture, sweat and chemicals may alter the pieces appearance or damage them permanently.

It is also important to note that Hermès jewelry should not be worn during activities that make you sweat, such as exercising. So it is better to remove them before engaging in any type of exercise. And also after finishing the activity, it is recommended to shower or rinse any trace of sweat before wearing the jewelry.

Handle with care


Part of the way to maintain your Hermès jewelry looking as new as possible is knowing how to handle it and use it properly. When touching the jewelry it is advisable to manipulate it with clean and dry hands, lowering the risk of stains or transferring moisture to the piece.

Before wearing the pieces, don’t use any lotions, perfume or any other chemical that may transfer from the skin to the jewelry, or if you do, make sure it dries completely before putting the jewelry on. Some chemicals can speed up the metal’s tarnishing process.

When putting on or removing the jewelry, try not to pull it too hard, treat it with care to avoid any breakage. While wearing the pieces, avoid any bumps against rough surfaces to prevent scratches, and also be mindful to avoid getting the pieces tangled with anything around you, even your own hair.

You should also be aware and prevent any liquid spillage near the jewelry, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing it or if it is sitting on a surface. Avoid sugary drinks specially, as they can leave a sticky feel on the metal and be very hard to clean.

Cleaning and maintenance


Keeping your Hermès jewelry clean is key to preserving its shine and beauty. When not in use, you must store your jewelry correctly and take it out regularly to clean it, in order to avoid stains and tarnishing signs. To clean it you only need a lint-free dry cloth, this way you can remove excess dust, dirt buildup or fingerprints.

However, if your metal jewelry pieces are showing signs of tarnishing, you can submerge them briefly in a glass with lukewarm water and a mild soap. You can use a soft brush to delicately remove the oxide from the piece, rinse and then dry it meticulously to avoid further tarnishing.

In case your Hermès jewelry is starting to show heavy signs of tarnishing, or if there is any breakage, you can take it to the Hermès maintenance service, where the professional jewelers can restore it in no time and recover its beautiful shine.

So, what do you think of these 4 tips to keep your Hermès jewelry like new? Now that you know how to care for your Hermès jewelry pieces, you can preserve your collection and keep it intact to increase its value, and enjoy it for many more years.

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