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How to preserve Hermès Clothing?


Luxury clothing is notable for its incredible quality and impressive materials, and when it comes to true quality craftsmanship, Hermès is the preferred brand, with a memorable clothing collection for men, women and babies. However, the secret of the beauty and luxury of these pieces lies in the amount of care that you give them to preserve their characteristics.

Next, we will show you some basic tips so you know how to preserve Hermès clothing, keeping its beauty intact while also allowing it to retain its value. Discover these simple tips and enjoy these beautiful pieces for many years to come!

  1. How to store Hermès clothing?
  2. How to wash Hermès clothing?
  3. Use it on memorable occasions
  4. When to iron Hermès clothing?
  5. How to remove a stain from Hermès clothing?

How to store Hermès clothing?


Storing your Hermès clothing in the right place can help you prolong its useful life. When not in use, Hermès clothing should be stored inside its original box and dust bags, or wrapped in silk paper. Avoid hanging it from common hangers, since they can rip holes in the delicate fabric. You should also never hang your Hermès clothing and then cover it with a plastic bag, with time, the plastic can transfer stains or melt on the garment, causing serious damage.

Your Hermès clothing should be stored in a ventilated space, where there are no extreme temperatures or humidity, since some materials like leather, silk and wool can be heavily affected by those external agents. You should also avoid sunlight at all costs, with time, the incidence of sunlight can discolor the garments or even damage the resistance of the fabric.

How to wash Hermès clothing?


Before washing your Hermès clothing for the first time, it is important that you read the care label very well, as you need to follow every step described in order to truly preserve the materials. Mainly the way to wash Hermès clothing always depends on the type of materials they are made of, here we give you some tips:

  • Cotton or canvas: this material is the easiest to wash, and the one that entails less risks. It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, alone and in a delicate setting. It can air dry in a shaded place, or it can be taken to the dryer in the cold air setting.
  • Silk: Hermès silk should always be washed by hand, very carefully with mild soap and cold water. Once it is done, it can’t be wringed, you need to take out the excess water by pressing the piece against two clean cotton towels. When the excess water is removed, place it in a shaded place and allow it to air dry. If you Hermès silk garments are not as dirty, avoid washing them regularly, this way they can retain their color and beauty for longer.
  • Leather: Hermès leather should never be washed. Keep your garments clean by not using them daily. If they need airing, hang them carefully in a shaded place and allow them to receive airing. If there is a stain on your leather garment, take it to a professional luxury cleaner or to the Hermès maintenance service, don’t try to remove it at home with any chemicals.
  • Wool: Hermès wool is a very delicate material, and it is not recommended to wash it or clean it unless it is strictly necessary, for example, if it gets stained or visibly dirty. Cashmere wool is the most commonly used by the brand, and it must be handled with care to avoid ripping its fibers. If your Hermès wool garment needs washing, it is best to take it to a professional cleaner that knows how to deal with cashmere, or to the Hermès maintenance service.
  • Elastane and polyamide: These two materials are commonly applied to Hermès swimwear or sportswear, and although they are relatively resistant, it is advised to wash them carefully by hand, especially when it comes to swimwear, because it is the perfect way to preserve their colors and keep the designs crisp with time. For this you need to wash them by hand with cold water and mild soap, drain the excess water by pressing the garments between two cotton towels and then let them air dry in a shaded place. Never expose these materials to excess heat or direct sunlight, since they can suffer discoloration or deformation.

Use it on memorable occasions


Although Hermès clothing represents a great addition to your wardrobe and you might be excited to wear it regularly, we must mention that these garments are key pieces to be used on special occasions, which means that they can be worn in a daily basis, but it is advisable to reserve them for unique events, not only to look especially chic on a certain moment, but also to preserve their beauty for longer.

If you wear a Hermès garment every day or very frequently, you’re going to have to wash it more regularly, and this will undoubtedly damage its materials faster than in any other situation. But if you reserve them for truly counted moments, then you will be able to enjoy them even more and still keep them looking radiant.

Evidently this is different depending on the type of garment that you have, certainly pants, a white shirt or a special dress can be used on memorable events, but sportswear, a coat or swimwear are more applicable to be worn regularly. The rule with these garments that you can use every day or several times a week, is that you must keep them as clean as possible, let them air, and avoid washing them all the time, this way their colors, shapes and fabrics will be kept intact.

When to iron Hermès clothing?


Ironing luxury clothing is something that needs to be avoided if done often, especially if not done correctly, as it can lead to major damage, burning and staining. This is why it is recommended to only iron your Hermès clothing when it is strictly necessary, and following these steps:

  • Place the garment in between two clean cotton sheets.
  • Use the iron in the lowest heat setting.
  • Press carefully, without overdoing it or staying too long on top of a particular spot.
  • Opt for steamers instead of irons, since they do the job and are often more beneficial and harmless to the fabric.
  • Never iron Hermès garments made of wool or other delicate materials, as they can burn, lose shape and discolor.

How to remove a stain from Hermès clothing?


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you take care of your Hermès garments, accidents can happen and in the moment that you least expect it, your precious luxury garment can be stained. First, don’t beat yourself for it and don’t blame others, it can always be solved if you’re careful or if you find professional help. Here are some tips to remove stains from Hermès clothing depending on the type of material:

  • Cotton or canvas: when faced with a localized stain on a Hermès canvas or cotton garment, apply a little bit of mild soap with scarce water, and rub carefully to start removing the stain, if it is too persistent you can leave it soaking for a while and continue. Once it is ready, you can put it on the washing machine in a delicate cycle and the stain should be gone.
  • Silk: silk is very delicate when it comes to stains, you must apply really mild soap and little water, rub it gently with your fingers, don’t use brushes or any other tool. Rinse and remove the excess water by pressing the garment between two cotton towels, then let it air dry in a shaded place.
  • Leather: leather is very difficult to clean once it has been stained, and it is not advisable to use any DIY method at home, it is best to take the garment to the Hermès maintenance service, so real professionals can take care of it.
  • Wool: the case of wool is similar to leather, it is very complicated to handle this material, this is why we recommend being very gentle, using mild soap and little water, let it sit for a while and don’t rub harshly, rinse and let that spot dry naturally with air in a shaded place. If the stain is too persistent or difficult to access, it is best that you take the garment to the Hermès service to be properly cleaned.
  • Elastane and polyamide: in case your Hermès swimsuit or sportswear is stained, apply the same process described above, use mild soap, rub very gently or soak it for a little while, then remove the excess water without wringing and let it air dry. If the stain is not going away, take the piece to the Hermès workshops for help.

Although it is common knowledge for luxury clothing, we must mention that you should never use bleach, softeners or any other additional chemical to clean or wash your Hermès clothing, only mild soap for delicate fabric. Avoid accidents in the laundry room and keep the bleach very far from any of your luxury garments.

So, do you already know how to preserve Hermès clothing? Now that you have all the information you need, you can start taking good care of your Hermès garment collection, to keep it as beautiful as possible for a very long time.

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