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How to take care of Hermès silk scarves


Hermès silk scarves are considered one of the most luxurious fashion accessories in the world, with a soft touch and colorful designs, these pieces were made to tell a story through the silk, engaging the attention of anyone that glances upon them. The careful craftsmanship, the unmatched materials and the value found on Hermès scarves, makes them potential heirlooms that must be preserved.

Next, we will share some of the best tips on how to take care of Hermès silk scarves, so you can preserve your collection for decades and still keep it looking pristine. Enjoy the beautiful colors and designs of your Hermès silk scarves for longer!

  1. Where to store Hermès silk scarves?
  2. How to clean Hermès silk scarves?
  3. What to do if your Hermès silk scarf gets wet?
  4. How to handle a Hermès silk scarf?

Where to store Hermès silk scarves?


These delicate accessories are not meant to just be tossed inside your closet or hanged as a common garment, they must be treated with care and placed in the best space possible to protect their materials and preserve their shape. When you’re done using your Hermès silk scarves, carefully fold them and place them somewhere flat, or preferably inside their original box, wrapped in silk paper.

The box or scarf should be placed in a ventilated area, away from humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Keep it away from any liquid spillages or sources of heat such as lightbulbs or heaters. All of these external agents can be very detrimental to the integrity of the Hermès silk scarves, fading their colors, unraveling the silk and causing deformations.

How to clean Hermès silk scarves?


Hermès silk scarves should not be cleaned unless it is absolutely necessary, for example, when faced with a stain or visible dirt that may affect your whole look. There are two main ways to clean a Hermès silk scarf, but they need to be done carefully to avoid damaging the scarf:

  • Spot cleaning: when your Hermès silk scarf has a persistent stain or you had an accident and you spilled something on it, you can use this method to remove the stain quickly. Use a damp cotton cloth and press the stain, rub carefully without being too rough, you can continue to dampen the cloth several times and press it back on the silk to remove the stain. If it is more persistent you can add a little bit of mild soap to try to remove it, but you need to rinse it afterwards. Once it is done, let the silk scarf air dry under the shade, never wring it.
  • Hand washing: if your Hermès silk scarf has got some dirt on it and it is present in a consistent pattern, the right call is to hand wash your silk scarf, for this you can use very mild soap and cold water, never use warm or hot water. Let it soak for a little time and start rubbing it carefully, don’t use brushes or any other tool to wash it, just your hands. Once it is done, rinse it properly and don’t leave any traces of soap, then you can remove the excess water by pressing the scarf between two cotton towels and allow it to air dry under the shade. Make sure to never wring the excess water, as it can damage the silk and deteriorate the printed design.

It is also important to mention that you should never toss your Hermès silk scarf inside the washing machine or dryer, these machines can damage the silk severely, as the excessive movement and heat can break the material and fade its colors. You should also keep your silk scarves away from any chemicals such as bleach or softeners, as well as harsh soaps.

What to do if your Hermès silk scarf gets wet?


If you’re caught under the rain while wearing your Hermès scarf, don’t worry, you can still preserve its beauty. Once you get home you only need to remove the excess water by pressing the scarf between two cotton towels, this will remove as much moisture as possible. Then you can place it on a shaded place where it can easily be air dried.

It is important that while it is drying you keep it in an extended position, without folding it too much, because if there is any folding or wrinkle, the scarf may assume a different shape or deform to some extent, and to restore its former shape you will have to iron it or repeat the process by getting it damp and drying it again.

In case you want to iron your Hermès silk scarf, either because it suffered a deformation or it is wrinkled, you need to use a protective cotton sheet on top of the scarf, so the iron won’t be touching the silk directly, this will avoid any burns to the fabric. You can also use the lowest heat setting on your iron. However, ironing a Hermès silk scarf is not recommended and you must avoid it as much as possible.

How to handle a Hermès silk scarf?


While touching your Hermès silk scarf you need to keep your hands clean, in order to not transfer any dirt to it. When putting it on, avoid any tangling with your jewelry or hair, as it can damage the silk. Also, while tying it in creative ways, try not to make tight knots that are more difficult to untie once you want to remove the scarf, instead opt for firm but loose knots, this way you don’t put too much stress on the silk.

When planning on wearing your Hermès silk scarf, don’t use any perfumes, lotions or hair products, but if you do wait a few minutes so they can dry, this way they won’t damage the integrity of the silk scarf and the designs printed on it.

So, do you know how to take care of Hermès silk scarves?

Now you can easily keep them in pristine condition for many years to come, keeping their value intact while also enjoying timeless accessories to complement all your looks.

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