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Hats, Caps, Head bands

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Hats, Caps, Head bands

Everything about Hermès Hats

Hats are incredible accessories that can complement your outfit in any occasion, offering a sense of luxury and sophistication, and when it comes to high-quality hats, Hermès is the leading brand, with innovative designs and options for both men and women, it is a collection you can’t miss. Next, we will show you everything about Hermès hats, as well as headbands and caps. Pay attention!

  1. Which are the best Hermès hats?
  2. Sizes of the Hermès hats
  3. How are Hermès hats made?
  4. How to match Hermès hats?
  5. How to take care of Hermès hats?
  6. How to tell if Hermès hats are authentic?
  7. Why invest in Hermès hats?
  8. Where to buy Hermès hats with discounts?

Which are the best Hermès hats?


Throughout Hermès history, there have been incredible hat collections, but as a luxurious and innovative brand, Hermès tries to vary its hats, headbands and caps to appeal to clients and new styles. Here we show you the best Hermès hats for women and men:

Hermès hats for women:

  • Serena Cap: The Serena Cap is a stylish and versatile accessory, perfect for adding a touch of chic to casual or sport outfits.
  • Deauville Cap: The Deauville Cap exudes sophistication with its elegant design, making it an ideal choice for a day of leisure.
  • Canvas Hat: The Canvas Hat is a playful and colorful piece, crafted with premium materials for comfort and style, this hat is ideal for summer at the beach.
  • Arizona Hat: The Arizona Hat boasts a wide-brimmed design, providing both sun protection and an elegant statement.
  • Wild Singapore Elsa Headband: The Wild Singapore Elsa Headband features a vibrant pattern, adding a playful touch to any outfit.
  • Greta Hat: The Greta Hat showcases a structured silhouette, offering an elegant accessory for special occasions or casual outings with friends.
  • Brooklyn F Cap: The Brooklyn F Cap combines luxury with street-style flair, making it a modern and fashionable choice.

Hermès hats for men:

  • Nevada Super H Cap: The Nevada Super H Cap exudes sporty elegance, making it a versatile accessory for everyday wear.
  • Galop Hat: The Galop Hat boasts a sleek and minimalistic design, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, it showcases the brand’s equestrian heritage with horse motifs.
  • Fred Bucket Hat: The Fred Bucket Hat combines style and functionality, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities, specially at the beach.
  • George Hat: The George Hat features a classic fedora design, adding a timeless appeal to your look. Ideal for summer outings in the city.
  • Riley Alligator Cap: The Riley Alligator Cap showcases luxurious materials and craftsmanship, creating an exquisite statement piece for casual or nighttime occasions.
  • Forest Hat: The Forest Hat exudes rustic charm and elegance, making it a chic accessory for casual outings or outdoor activities.
  • Miles H Circle Cap: The Miles H Circle Cap features the iconic Hermès “H” motif, reflecting the brand’s heritage and sophistication with a modern design.

Sizes of the Hermès hats


Sizing on Hermès hats is very important, since it is necessary that they can fit a wide range of head sizes and be comfortable for the wearer, this is why the French brand devised hats for men and women in different sizes, to make sure that everyone can enjoy the luxury tailored to their comfort.

Hermès hats for men and women range from 55cm to 61cm, the measurement is taken with the circumference of the head, so that the hat or cap can fit properly without any discomfort. The sizes can also be named S, M and L depending on the centimeters. When it comes to headbands, one size fits all, thanks to the quality of Hermès materials, that are flexible enough to adapt to any head size.

How are Hermès hats made?


Hermès Hats are meticulously crafted with the finest materials. The process involves selecting premium fabrics, such as cotton, canvas, silk, Toquilla straw, Panama Brisa straw, calfskin, and luxurious alligator skin. The materials are carefully selected and then shaped using a mixture of traditional and innovative methods, the artisans use a special base to support the materials and shape the hat, cap or headband correctly. Most of the Hermès hats are made by hand, specially the ones made of straw, since they require traditional techniques.

Once the hats are shaped and made of the materials described, the artisans cover the interior with a lining if needed, and proceed to apply the labels with the care instructions. The bows or cords of some hats are carefully put in place with traditional stitching methods. The headbands are made of high-quality silk, the same used to craft Hermès silk scarves, the material is woven and then printed with the famous silk designs in bright colors.

When the hats, caps and headbands are done, the quality control team inspects every piece to make sure that the results are flawless, only then the creations are branded with the Hermès name and logos. The caps, hats and headband labels are marked with the pertinent logos.

How to match Hermès hats?


Matching your Hermès Hat with your outfit is a crucial thing to create unforgettable looks that will attract everyone’s attention. Here we provide some tips to style your Hermès hats if you’re a man or a woman.

How to style Hermès women’s hats?:

  • Casual chic: Pair the Serena Cap or Brooklyn F Cap with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers for a chic and effortless casual look.
  • Summer elegance: The Canvas Hat or Arizona Hat complements sundresses or flowing skirts, adding a touch of elegance to your summer attire.
  • Playful twist: Style the Wild Singapore Elsa Headband with vibrant patterns or contrasting colors for a fun and playful look.
  • Sophisticated occasions: The Deauville Cap is perfect for a formal winter attire, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

How to style Hermès men’s hats?:

  • Sporty elegance: The Nevada Super H Cap pairs well with casual athleisure wear or sporty outfits, adding a dash of sporty elegance.
  • Minimalistic sophistication: The Galop Hat complements smart-casual ensembles, elevating your style with minimalistic sophistication.
  • Casual outdoor: The Fred Bucket Hat is ideal for outdoor activities or vacations, offering both style and sun protection.
  • Timeless appeal: The George Hat adds a timeless appeal to classic outfits, such as blazers or button-down shirts.

How to take care of Hermès hats?


Caring for your Hermès Hat ensures its longevity and continued elegance. Follow these care tips to keep it as good as new:

  • When not in use, store your hat in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Store it in its original box to minimize damage and make sure it stays away from humidity or extreme temperatures that can tamper with its shape.
  • Be careful around water, avoid any liquid spillages, rain or accidents at the pool or beach while wearing your Hermès hat, as the shape can alter and the materials can deteriorate faster.
  • To keep away dust or any dirt, wipe your Hermès hat with a lint-free dry cloth to remove any unwanted stain. If the stain persists or is damaging the integrity of the hat, we recommend you take it to the Hermès restoration service, where the artisans can return it to its former glory.
  • Don’t wear your hat with wet hair, and avoid using products for your hair if you’re going to use the hat, since the chemicals contained in the products can tamper with the materials’ integrity.

How to tell if Hermès Hats are authentic?


When purchasing a Hermès hat, it is important to ensure that it is a genuine product, since nowadays there are many counterfeits being produced worldwide. Consider the following factors to tell if you have a genuine luxury item:

  • Pay attention to the craftsmanship, an original Hermès hat, cap or headband will be flawlessly made, with perfect stitching and overall construction.
  • Inspect the materials, use your touch and smell to examine if they are truly natural materials, such as straw, leather, silk and cotton. Fake Hermès hats are usually made of plastic or unpleasant materials.
  • Look inside the hats for the official Hermès labels, containing the brand’s logo, the care instructions and the size. The font used must be very particular and perfectly symmetrical, it shouldn’t be too big or too small.
  • Check the packaging, every Hermès product comes with appropriate packaging, the official orange Hermès box, that in some hats can be round-shaped, and some others can be square-shaped. Examine the logo on the box for a more accurate authentication.
  • Hermès invoices are crucial to assess the authenticity of any product, in this document you can corroborate the characteristics of the Hermès hat and make sure that it matches the invoice. Ask for the official invoice with each of your purchases.

Another important key point is to always purchase from trustworthy sources, such as Luxury with Discounts, where we provide you original packaging, official invoices and payment tickets, so you can be sure of the authenticity of the products.

Why invest in Hermès hats?


Hermès products are fantastic investment options, not only for their quality and durability, but also because they are able to retain their value with time, and also increase it as years go by. This ability can provide you a good return if you decide to sell your Hermès hat. However, you must keep the item in good condition in order for it to revalue.

Aside from the profit opportunity, the Hermès hats, caps and headbands are beautiful additions to your wardrobe, as they prove to be versatile accessories to give a little spicy touch to your casual, sport and even formal ensembles. Besides, the quality of these products will ensure their durability, so you can enjoy a good item for a long time.

Where to buy Hermès Hats with discounts?


If you want to add some Hermès hats, caps and headbands to your collection but you want to save some money, we offer you an impressive alternative. Luxury with Discounts is a trustworthy source to purchase authentic Hermès products at prices lower than retail. At our online store you can find a variety of Hermès hats with discounts. Our products are in never-worn condition, so they are completely new.

Best of all, we are committed to authenticity and providing every element to our clients, so they can be sure that their Hermès products are completely authentic. We offer official invoices, payment tickets and original packaging with each of your purchases.

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