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Women : Heels

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Hermès Women Heels

Heels are indispensable shoes for women, and when it comes to luxurious heels, Hermès is the right brand to trust. The excellence in Hermès craftsmanship and its iconic designs, makes it a fantastic brand in which you can trust the acquisition of your luxury heels.

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  1. Oasis Sandals
  2. Elba Sandals
  3. Legend Sandals
  4. Elysee Pump
  5. Heel Pump
  6. Gabriela Pump

Oasis Sandals


Although they are not considered heels entirely, the Oasis sandals can’t be out of the list, as they are one of the most iconic Hermès footwear options. The Oasis sandals have a short heel, they are crafted in calfskin with an iconic “H” cut-out, also present on Oran sandals. They are available in a wide range of colors, so you can find every combination that you want.

These sandals are extremely classic and timeless, they can go well with almost all your wardrobe. They are perfect for casual outings, corporate settings, smart casual attire, and even for vacations at the beach. You can pair them with everything you want!

Elba Sandals


The Elba or Elbe sandals are incredible choices for modern women. They are short-heeled sandals with a strap and buckle to secure your feet, they also feature an “H” cut-out, but it is wider than the Oasis cut-out. They provide comfort and many original looks, they are made in calfskin or suede and they come in black, naturel, red and green colors.

The Elba sandals can be worn with a wide range of looks, specifically with casual outfits or beachwear, you can also use them at the office or in a smart casual event. They are indeed timeless heel sandals that you can reinterpret for any look.

Legend Sandals


Very similar to its Elba and Oasis counterparts, the Legend sandals feature the classic “H” cut-out, but they have a wedge taller heel, and they have a strap to secure your feet at the ankle. They are made in calfskin and they are considered comfortable heels. You can find them in black and naturel color, perfect to match them with all your looks.

These heel sandals can be worn during casual outings at the city, for a smart casual dinner, during a corporate meeting, or even to add a touch of elegance to your beachwear when going out at night in a paradisiac island.

Elysee Pump


For women that treasure a chic and contemporary style, the Elysee pump is the ideal companion. These shoes are high heel loafers with an “H” palladium plated buckle and leather fringes as decoration. They are available in various colors, from black and naturel to white with beige fringes.

These pumps are ideal for days at the office, to imprint a chic look to your casual outfits, or even for a smart casual occasion. They are also perfect for day time formal events, such as garden weddings or outdoor parties.

Heel Pump


With a retro chic style, the Hermès heel pumps are incredibly fashionable shoes. They are high platform pumps, with a bold palladium plated Kelly buckle. They are made of calfskin or suede, they come in different colors, such as black, dark red and dark green.

These pumps are very beautiful shoes that can be worn to almost any occasion. They are perfect for formal and smart casual ensembles, as well as corporate wear and casual outings. They match beautifully with short dresses and skirts, especially when adding tights.

Gabriela Pump


These exclusive short heel pumps are very chic. They are made in luxurious suede goatskin, with a strap at the back with the “Chaine Gourmette” motif. They are chic and comfortable shoes for elegant women. The Gabriela pumps are available in violet and black.

These pumps are perfect for formal events, either with short or long dresses. They are also a great match for corporate events or smart casual outfits. The Gabriela pumps are definitely very sophisticated Hermès heels!

Did you pick your favorite Hermès women heels?

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