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Hermès Home Products : Blankets

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Everything about Hermès Blankets

Home products are one of the most acclaimed items of the Hermès brand, showing luxury in all of its creations, and always offering comfort and functionality to its customers. Nowadays there are many options of Hermès blankets, each of them perfect for different living spaces, providing a cozy feeling to your home. Next, we will show you everything you need to know about Hermès blankets. Don’t miss it and pick your favorites!

  1. Which are the best Hermès blankets?
  2. Sizes of Hermès blankets
  3. How are Hermès blankets made?
  4. How to take care of Hermès blankets?
  5. How to tell if Hermès blankets are authentic?
  6. Why invest in Hermès blankets?
  7. Where to buy Hermès blankets with discounts?

Which are the best Hermès blankets?


Hermès blankets are not just functional accessories; they’re works of art that infuse your surroundings with sophistication. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most coveted Hermès blanket models:

  • Avalon Thrown Blanket: A masterpiece of luxury, the Avalon blanket is an iconic item that features a refined design including the “H” motif. It is a comfortable and luxurious blanket.
  • Avalon Baby Blanket: Crafted with the same attention to detail as its larger counterparts, the Avalon Baby Blanket envelops your little one in luxury and warmth.
  • Brides de Gala Blanket: Drawing inspiration from the iconic Hermès silk scarf, this blanket reflects the brand’s heritage and sophistication.
  • Cavalcolor Blanket: A celebration of color and craftsmanship, the Cavalcolor blanket infuses your space with vibrant energy and luxury, perfect for your little ones bedroom.
  • Cheval d’Attelage Blanket: Embrace equestrian elegance with this blanket, featuring a design inspired by a carriage horse.
  • Avalon Jump’H Blanket: Elevate your surroundings with the Avalon Jump’H blanket, adorned with a modern design and the iconic “H” motif.
  • Tigre Altai Blanket: The Tigre Altai blanket captures the majesty of the tiger, showcasing intricate details and luxurious craftsmanship.
  • Rocabar Blanket: Inspired by the iconic Rocabar motif, this blanket adds a touch of heritage and sophistication to your space.
  • Avalon Epopee Blanket: Infuse your environment with the spirit of adventure and elegance with the Avalon Epopee blanket. This is an ideal design for your kids’ play room.
  • Pique-Nique Blanket: Perfect for outdoor gatherings, the Pique-Nique blanket combines functionality with Hermès elegance. With masterful craftsmanship, this blanket is a true work of art.
  • Grand Tralala Blanket: A true beauty, the Grand Tralala blanket is a harmonious blend of intricate equestrian design and luxurious comfort.

Sizes of Hermès blankets


Hermès blankets are available in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. From cozy throws to larger blankets to decorate your couch, providing a sophisticated touch to your home. The sizes of the Hermès blankets can vary depending on the type of use they are intended for, here are some approximate measurements of Hermès blankets depending on their use:

  • Decoration blankets: 150 cm x 200 cm allowing enough length and width to cover most of the modern couches.
  • Cozy blankets for use: 135 cm x 170 cm a standard size of Avalon blankets to cover your bed or use while sitting on the couch in cold seasons.
  • Kids and baby blankets: from 90 cm x 134 cm to 100 cm x 140 cm ideal to decorate your children’s rooms or to keep them warm and cozy.

How are Hermès blankets made?


The creation of Hermès blankets involves a meticulous process that exemplifies the brand’s commitment to quality. Everything begins with the selection of high-quality materials, such as cashmere, wool, cotton and goatskin suede. After the selection, the materials are carefully dyed with quality pigments that offer a colorful option, reflecting the brand’s wide selection of hues.

When the dyeing process is done, the blankets are carefully woven using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques, always ensuring a perfect and sturdy construction that will stand the passage of time. The edges of some blankets are hand-stitched by the artisans, providing a handmade touch.

Once the overall weaving is done, some blankets are printed with beautiful designs created by artists in collaboration with Hermès, the designs are screen printed with a masterful technique, ensuring a flawless color and final look.

After the Hermès blankets are done, the quality control team inspects the final creation to assess that the blankets comply with the Hermès standards, only then they are branded with the Hermès logo on their labels.

How to take care of Hermès blankets?


Hermès blankets are products with such a high quality that they need to be properly cared for to retain their beautiful colors, designs and craftsmanship. Here are some tips to follow to keep them as pristine as possible:

  • Follow the care instructions on the blanket’s label, there are all the specifications for cleaning and caring.
  • Wash them in a delicate setting in your washer, use a mild soap to minimize fabric damage and wash them alone, avoid putting other colorful garments with them, as they can get stained.
  • To dry your Hermès blankets, opt for air dry in a secure sun free environment, or use the delicate cold air setting in your dryer, so they can come out perfect and you avoid fabric shrinking.
  • Store them in their original packaging when not in use, this way they can remain protected. Store them in a dry closet away from sunlight, and avoid high levels of humidity that can cause mold growth and insects.
  • If the blankets get a stubborn stain, it is best to take them to a professional cleaner or to the Hermès maintenance service, where they can be treated by professionals without compromising their materials.
  • Avoid using bleach or softeners to wash your Hermès blankets, since these products can discolor the piece or tamper with its fabric.

How to tell if Hermès blankets are authentic?


Authenticity is a key element when it comes to luxurious Hermès products, because there are many counterfeits that can be sold online, potentially making you lose your investment. Here are some elements to take into consideration to examine the authenticity of Hermès blankets:

  • Inspect the general craftsmanship and materials, they should be of the finest quality possible, with a soft touch and a perfect construction, so there shouldn’t be any loose threads or sloppy lines.
  • Look for the Hermès logo on labels throughout the blanket surface, or even incorporated in the design, the brand always leaves its name in its creations to mark them as authentic.
  • Examine the packaging where they come in, the Hermès blankets should come inside a signature orange box with the brand’s logo on the lid. Check these details.
  • Check the official invoice and compare it to the blanket, this way you can assess that the details in the document are the same as the piece you have in your hands.
  • Avoid purchasing from sketchy websites and always buy from reputable websites such as Luxury with Discounts, where we provide official invoices, original packaging and much more.

Why invest in Hermès blankets?


Investing in a Hermès blanket is a fantastic idea, not only because of its quality materials, iconic designs and durability, but also because of its incredible potential to revalue over time. All Hermès items are exceptional pieces that are proven to retain their value and even appreciate with the years, so if you buy a Hermès blanket and you keep it in good condition, you can sell it for more than you spend on it.

Aside from the value they can obtain, the Hermès blankets are unique pieces that can be used for functionality and also to give a refined look to your house, often serving as décor for your couches, beds and other furniture, providing a beautiful touch of luxury. Best of all, these pieces are resistant if they are properly cared for, so they can accompany you for years and even become a family heritage.

Where to buy Hermès blankets with discounts?


If you’re seeking authentic Hermès blankets without the full price tag, Luxury with Discounts is your destination of choice. As a trusted online store specializing in Hermès accessories, we offer a wide selection of genuine never-worn Hermès blankets at discounted prices. This way you can enjoy authentic and new pieces while also saving money.

We are committed to authenticity and trust, so we provide authenticity elements with each of your purchases, such as the official invoice, the original packaging and payment tickets, so you can always be sure of the genuineness of your Hermès blankets.

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