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Everything about Hermès Clothing for Men

Luxury fashion is the best choice to obtain a high-quality garment that will accompany you for years in pristine condition. And when it comes to Hermès, the clothing for men represents the epitome of luxury, minimalism and a modern approach, appropriate for men of all ages. Next, we will show you everything about the Hermès clothing for men and which pieces to pick to elevate your wardrobe in no time. Don’t miss out!

  1. Which is the best Hermès clothing for men?
  2. Sizes of Hermès clothing for men
  3. How is Hermès clothing for men made?
  4. How to match Hermès clothing for men?
  5. How to take care of Hermès clothing for men?
  6. How to tell if Hermès clothing for men is authentic?
  7. Why invest in Hermès clothing for men?
  8. Where to buy Hermès clothing for men with discounts?

Which is the best Hermès clothing for men?


The Hermès clothing collection for men offers a very wide range of options to cater to all tastes, styles and preferences, always prioritizing comfort, modern appeal and simple designs. Here are some of the best Hermès clothing for men garments:

Jackets, sweaters, and coats:

  • Ponant Water-Resistant Jacket: The Ponant Water-Resistant Jacket is your go-to outerwear for those unpredictable weather days. Crafted with water-resistant materials, it’s like having a trusty umbrella in the form of a stylish jacket. Don’t let rain dampen your style; stay dry and fashionable with this Hermès piece.
  • Zipped Hooded Jogging Sweater: Combining the cozy comfort of a sweater with the versatility of a hoodie, the Zipped Hooded Jogging Sweater is your ultimate leisurewear choice. Whether you’re lounging at home or running errands, this piece has you covered.
  • Warm-Up Fleece: When chilly days come knocking, the Warm-Up Fleece is like wrapping yourself in warmth. It’s the ideal companion for a stylish casual outing with a very chic touch.
  • Fold Over Auto Coat: The Fold Over Auto Coat is your stylish answer to unexpected weather changes. This modern coat boasts the ability to fold and extend depending on how you want to wear it, ensuring you’re prepared for any weather surprises. It’s a sleek and practical addition to your wardrobe.
  • Liverpool Coat: The Liverpool Coat exudes a classic detective’s charm, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless style with a hint of mystery. Its classic appearance makes it the perfect companion for cold days when wearing formal or business outfits.
  • Sunset Crewneck Sweater: The Sunset Crewneck Sweater captures the warm and vibrant hues of a sunset, making it as comforting as it is stylish. This piece is cozy, colorful, and subtly enchanting.
  • Maillon Chaine d’Ancre Crewneck Sweater: This crewneck sweater combines luxury with nautical charm. It’s a subtle nod to maritime elegance, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your look.
  • 24 Lined Jacket: When you need a warm and elegant option, the 24 Lined Jacket has your back. With a classic design, it provides both comfort and style.

Pants and shorts:

  • Saint Germain Slim Pants: The Saint Germain Slim Pants are tailored to fit like a second skin, offering a sleek and stylish option for any occasion. They are effortlessly versatile and always on point.
  • Run H Jogging Pants: Your reliable companion for both active and laid-back days, the Run H Jogging Pants offer a modern design with the iconic “H” along both sides of the legs. These pants provide the perfect fit for a leisurely stroll, or simply relaxing in style.
  • Straight Cut Jeans: A classic choice that pairs perfectly with everything, the Straight Cut Jeans are your go-to denim for any day.
  • Saint Germain Fitted Pants: Offering the same tailored fit as the slim pants, the Saint Germain Fitted Pants bring sophistication to any formal occasion. These pants are designed to ensure you look your absolute best when it matters most.
  • Pleated Seoul Pants with Strap Detail: The Pleated Seoul Pants with Strap Detail are all about style and comfort with a touch of South Korean influence. They’re versatile enough for various occasions while adding a hint of flair to your ensemble.
  • Saint Germain Fitted Shorts: These fitted shorts combine comfort and style, making them perfect for a summer adventure. With a tailored fit, they ensure you look sharp while enjoying the warmer months.
  • Run H Shorts: Just like the jogging pants, the Run H Shorts are ready for action and relaxation, only shorter. They provide comfort and a dash of sporty flair, ideal for those laid-back days.
  • Pleated Malibu Shorts: Picture your ideal beach day attire – that’s what the Pleated Malibu Shorts offer. They’re all about adding a touch of California cool to your beach look, making waves of style.


  • Puzzle Vegetal Swim Trunks: Dive into the pool or ocean with these playful swim trunks, designed with a whimsical puzzle piece pattern. They’re perfect for expressing your fun-loving personality during water adventures.
  • H Fantome Swim Trunks: For those who appreciate an element of mystery, the H Fantome Swim Trunks are the ideal choice. These swim trunks exude a sense of enigmatic charm, making them perfect for beachside intrigue. Best of all, they reveal a hidden “H” pattern when in contact with water, perfect to surprise your friends and family.
  • Coups de Goua’H Swim Trunks: If you’re looking to make a splash, the Coups de Goua’H Swim Trunks are your go-to option. Vibrant, energetic, and designed to turn heads, they’re the ultimate choice for a day at the beach.
  • Look at Mi Swim Trunks: Dive into style with the Look at Mi Swim Trunks, which are as visually captivating as a work of art. Featuring a stylish seahorse design, They make a statement and ensure you stand out while enjoying your time in the water.

Polos and shirts:

  • “H” Embroidered T-shirt: The “H” Embroidered T-shirt keeps it simple yet stylish, featuring the iconic “H” logo in a subtle embroidery. It’s like wearing a subtle badge of honor, a nod to Hermès sophistication.
  • Collared Sporty Fit Shirt: Imagine a classic collared shirt infused with athletic flair – that’s the Collared Sporty Fit Shirt. It’s versatile, comfortable, and ready for any occasion.
  • “H Ball Club” T-shirt: Join the “H Ball Club” with this sporty T-shirt, perfect for showcasing your athletic style.
  • Sport Fit Denim Shirt: Elevate your denim game with the Sport Fit Denim Shirt. It’s a fusion of classic denim and modern sporty aesthetics, offering both versatility and a touch of casual cool.
  • “Piqures Sellier” Polo Shirt: The “Piqures Sellier” Polo Shirt is a work of art in itself, characterized by intricate stitching details that catch the eye. It seamlessly combines elegance and craftsmanship.
  • Double Jeu Technical Polo: The Double Jeu Technical Polo provides comfort and style for various sports and activities, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
  • H Embroidered Buttoned Polo Shirt: This polo shirt combines classic sophistication with modern style, featuring the iconic “H” logo and a buttoned collar. It’s like a timeless classic with a fresh twist.
  • Fitted Shirt with Flexible Collar: Adaptability is key with the Fitted Shirt with Flexible Collar. It’s like a chameleon of shirts, adjusting to your style needs with its flexible collar, ensuring you look sharp for any occasion.

Sizes of Hermès clothing for men


Hermès is a brand that has always paid attention to the customization and comfort of its clients, often creating numerous sizing options to cater to all body types and builds. All of the Hermès clothing for men come in different sizes depending on the type of garment. Here are the detailed sizes:

  • Jackets, sweaters, and coats: Ranging from sizes 37 (XS) to 46 (XXL)
  • Pants and shorts: Ranging from 38 (S) to 52 (XXL)
  • Beachwear: Ranging from XS to XXL.
  • Polos and shirts: Ranging from sizes 37 (XS) to 46 (XXL)

How is Hermès clothing for men made?


Hermès clothing for men is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and a dedication to quality that has defined the brand for generations. The process of creating these exquisite pieces begins with the selection of varied and high-quality materials. From cotton and silk to wool, cashmere, polyamide, elastane, canvas, calfskin, and more, Hermès spares no expense in sourcing materials that meet their exacting standards.

Once these premium materials are in hand, masterful craftsmen take over, employing a blend of traditional hand-stitching techniques and precision machine stitching to create each garment. These skilled artisans ensure that every seam, every stitch, and every detail is executed with precision, resulting in a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to stand the test of time.

To guarantee the utmost in quality, each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection process by Hermès’ dedicated quality control team. This meticulous scrutiny ensures that every aspect of the garment meets the brand’s unwavering standards for excellence. Any imperfections or inconsistencies are addressed and rectified to achieve a flawless final product.

Only after passing this stringent quality assessment does each piece receive the coveted mark of authenticity. A stitched label, bearing the iconic Hermès logo along with authenticity details, is affixed to the garment. This label serves as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to excellence and an assurance of the piece’s genuine Hermès craftsmanship.

How to match Hermès clothing for men?


The marvelous collection of Hermès clothing for men offers a wide range of combinations to get a perfect and sophisticated look each time and in any occasion, whether you are going on a casual outing, a stroll through the beach or an elegant formal or business dinner. Here are some of the perfect combinations to match Hermès clothing for men:

Elegant Looks:

  • Pair a Hermès cashmere sweater with Saint Germain slim pants for a sophisticated, cozy look.
  • For a classic touch, layer the Fold Over Auto Coat over an elegant suit with a Hermès tie. Perfect for colder months.

Casual Outings:

  • Combine the “H” embroidered t-shirt with Run H jogging pants for a sporty yet stylish ensemble.
  • Opt for the Straight Cut Jeans with the “H Ball Club” t-shirt for a relaxed but fashionable look.

Vacation or Beachwear:

  • Choose the Puzzle Vegetal swim trunks for a beach day, paired with a Hermès straw hat and Hermès Izmir sandals.
  • Go for the H Fantome swim trunks with a lightweight linen shirt for a refined poolside look.

Business Wear:

  • Pair Saint Germain fitted pants with a fitted shirt with a flexible collar for a sharp, professional appearance.
  • Opt for the Liverpool Coat over the Collared sporty fit shirt and Saint Germain slim pants for a timeless business look.

Nighttime Semi-Formal Attires:

  • Combine the 24 Lined Jacket with the Sport fit denim shirt and fitted pants for a polished semi-formal outfit.
  • Choose the “Piqures sellier” polo shirt and Double Jeu Technical Polo with the Run H Shorts for a sophisticated yet comfortable evening look.

How to take care of Hermès clothing for men?


Taking good care of your luxury fashion garments will help you maintain their beauty for much longer, but also help them retain their value and increase it over time. Here are some simple tips to care for your Hermès clothing for men:

  • Follow every instruction described on the care label of your garments. This will ensure that they preserve their colors and textures for longer.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals to wash the clothing, avoid bleach or softeners that may cause discoloration or damage.
  • Use a mild soap to wash the clothing and always opt for the delicate cycle in your washing machine. Make sure to use only cold water.
  • Be careful while drying the clothing after a wash, you can use the dryer in the delicate settings and opt for cold air instead of extremely hot air.
  • Don’t wash your Hermès clothing unless it is strictly necessary.
  • Avoid ironing the shirts with direct heat, use a cotton white sheet between the garment and the iron.
  • Store your garments in a safe space, away from direct sunlight, excess humidity and temperature fluctuations. Avoid moths by taking the necessary precautions.

How to tell if Hermès clothing for men is authentic?


Authenticity is a top priority when purchasing a luxury product, because there are many counterfeits online that may jeopardize your investment. This is why you must pay attention to the following elements to verify authenticity:

  • Examine the materials closely. Hermès creates garments with premium materials, so you must stay away from polyester or any plastic like clothing. You should also inspect the finishes and craftsmanship, everything must be impeccable and clean, counterfeits often feature poor construction.
  • Inspect the packaging. Hermès clothing usually comes inside a special orange box with the Hermès logo on the lid, as well as delicate paper covering the garments. Make sure that your purchase comes this way.
  • Demand the official invoice when buying luxury clothing, in this document you can easily cross-reference the characteristics of the garment to make sure it is authentic.
  • Avoid purchasing from sketchy websites, it is best to opt for trustworthy online stores that offer traceability and authenticity proof, such as Luxury with Discounts, that provides official invoices, packaging and payment tickets.

Why invest in Hermès clothing for men?


Investing in Hermès clothing for men is a wise decision for several compelling reasons. The brand’s prestigious name and reputation ensure that these garments can not only retain their value but also appreciate over time. This means that your investment in Hermès clothing can potentially yield a profit if you decide to sell them in the future.

Besides, the versatility and durability of Hermès clothing make them an ideal choice for building a luxurious wardrobe that lasts for years. Crafted from top-tier materials such as cashmere, silk, and high-quality cotton, Hermès garments are built to withstand the test of time. Their timeless designs and exceptional craftsmanship ensure that these pieces remain fashionable and relevant, allowing you to enjoy a wardrobe of enduring luxury for many seasons to come.

Where to buy Hermès clothing for men with discounts?


Getting your hands on Hermès clothing for men at discounted prices might seem like a challenge, but we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Welcome to Luxury with Discounts, your trusted online destination for authentic, brand-new Hermès men’s clothing with discounts. Our curated collection includes a wide range of clothing options, allowing you to enhance your wardrobe with luxurious Hermès pieces without straining your budget.

When it comes to authenticity, we take it seriously. Ensuring that your Hermès clothing is genuine is our top priority. We provide a comprehensive traceability package, including official invoices, original packaging, and payment tickets, giving you the confidence that your Hermès clothing is genuine.

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