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Hermès Scarves & Twillies : Women Scarves

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Hermès Women Scarves

Hermès scarves stand as some of the brand’s most iconic accessories. Crafted predominantly from silk and cashmere, these scarves feature stunning designs that are true masterpieces, representing the brand’s heritage and a wide range of themes, including astronomy, animals, and historical subjects.

Hermès scarves are often sought after by women, as these accessories are considered iconic fashion pieces. These scarves exude sophistication and creativity along with exquisite craftsmanship. Below, we’ll show you some of the finest Hermès scarves for women, categorized by size, style, and materials. Choose your favorite!

  1. Hermès Mufflers for women
  2. Hermès Rectangles for women
  3. Hermès Scarves 45 cm
  4. Hermès Scarves 60 cm
  5. Hermès Scarves 70 cm
  6. Hermès Scarves 90 cm
  7. Hermès Shawls 140 cm
  8. Hermès Stoles for women
  9. Hermès Twillies

Hermès Mufflers for women

Medailles et Galons Muffler


Made entirely on cashmere, the Medailles et Galons muffler is a homage to British schools, showcasing the decorative badges that students usually wear, but these time with Hermès symbols that represent the heritage of the brand. The badges are hand-embroidered on top of a soft gray cashmere muffler with fringes. It definitely adds a touch of creativity to your looks. This muffler measures 30 cm x 140 cm, making it ideal to use around the neck, tied in different ways.

Casaque Do Re Boucles Muffler


Designed by Florence Manlik, the Casaque Do Re Boucles muffler reflects the equestrian tradition, showcasing a bridle chain design, with a texture inspired in jockeys’ jerseys. The soft cashmere muffler has different colors on each face and it also features fringes. It is available in two color patterns: Ivoire / Gris Flanelle and Ivoire / Jaune Ocre. It measures 30 cm x 140 cm. It can be worn tied around the neck or hanging from the neck.

Wavy Double Face Chameau Muffler


Hand-woven in Nepal, this unique muffler is a true spectacle. It is made of 60% camel and 40% cashmere, it is produced by weaving two distinctive colored threads: Ivoire and Camel. The luxurious texture and striking appearance is only comparable to the delicate geometric line pattern woven into the piece, and its detailed fringes that finish the ensemble. This muffler is without a doubt a sophisticated choice for modern women.

Hermès Rectangles for women

Maillons et Chaines Rectangle


A perfect representation of Henri d’Oringy’s Maillons et Chaines design, featuring a series of consecutive chains that create a beautiful pattern. This piece is a true marvel and it can elevate any outfit in no time. It is available in a 90 cm x 180 cm size, so it is ideal to wear on your neck, or cover your shoulders. It can be found in two main color patterns.

Rubans d’Hermès Rectangle


A delicate and feminine Gianpaolo Pagni’s design that features the Hermès name in an interesting display of letters and pastel color lines. This beautiful rectangle scarf is ideal for spring and softly toned wardrobes. It is available in two color patterns: Gris Chiné / Cyclamen / Bleu and Blanc / Noir / Rouge.

Charmes Des Plages Normandes Rectangle


A colorful and modern design made by Loïc Dubigeon, this rectangle scarf represents the summer spirit with the umbrellas at the beach. This scarf is entirely made of silk, making it luxurious and soft to the touch. It is available in four different color patterns including blue, pink, yellow, beige and multicolored. It measures 90 cm x 180 cm, allowing you to use it in many different ways with your favorite outfits.

Hermès Scarves 45 cm

Super Silk Quest Detail Scarf


A delicate and feminine small scarf designed by Elias Kafouros, it is inspired by a platformer video game, providing its own unique Hermès themed version. The design incorporates the brand’s name and a series of small characters. This gorgeous scarf is made of silk and can be worn around your neck, wrists or decorating your bag. It is available in five color variations, including pink, red, blue, yellow and green.

Chevaloscope Neon Scarf


Another small but detailed scarf, it was designed by Elias Kafouros and it represents a horse head made of neon signs containing equestrian words. It is an iconic design that can be used tied around your neck for a cute dainty look. It is made 100% in silk and it is available in different colors.

Robe Legere Embroidered Scarf


An impressive artwork made by Théo de Gueltzl, it consists of a horse made entirely of flowers. This gorgeous design can be found in different colors, predominantly pink with blue and yellow flowers, and in a darker variant, with black and red flowers. Either of these color options are ideal to compliment your looks effortlessly.

Hermès Scarves 60 cm

Sangles en Zig Zag Pois Rainbow Scarf


A true geometric beauty, this scarf designed by Virgine Jamin represents zig-zag straps and saddles, once more making a tribute to Hermès equestrian heritage. This scarf is delicately designed with soft colors and meticulous small details. It is available in two basic color patterns: Blue and Orange. This scarf in particular is made of 78% silk and 22% acetate.

Hermès Scarves 70 cm

Bouclerie Moderne Plumetis Scarf


Inspired by a design made by Françoise de La Perrière in 1978, this creative scarf pictures harness buckles that pay homage to Thierry Hermès, the brand’s founder. The buckles are made in different shapes and colors to represent the variety and creativity of the brand. This modern version showcases bright colors and a fresh approach. It is available in different color combinations.

Rendez-Vous Galant Scarf


A sophisticated design made by Ugo Bienvenu, this scarf portrays a comic in Bienvenu’s imagination, thinking of a futuristic reality and a fantastic world full of luxurious horses, elegant women and nature. The scarf is available in four different color combinations, all offering a beautiful and creative touch to your ensemble.

Confort en Automobile Scarf


A design made by Cathy Latham, this incredible scarf showcases the automobile world of the 1920’s, with images of elegant women, distinguished gentlemen and luxurious vehicles. The scarf resembles a postcard. The scarf is made 100% of silk, with hand-rolled edges and available in different color combinations.

Hermès Scarves 90 cm

Hermès Story Scarf


A design made by Jonathan Burton, it represents the actual social-media era and the pressures of impressing others. It features a woman with a phone, a horse and many other animals, such as a giraffe, a tiger, a turtle, a cat and a peacock. This piece is available in different colors, mainly blue, black, white, red and orange. This scarf, with its classic carré or 90 cm is perfect to wear in a plethora of ways.

Cheval Sirene Double Face Scarf


A truly phenomenal design made by Alice Shirley, this scarf mixes the sea fantasies with the equestrian heritage, as it pictures a horse with a mermaid tail surrounded by waves. This scarf is printed on both sides with different colors, one in a single color, and one in multiple colors. Either way it is a true masterpiece and it can be found in different color palettes.

Brides et Destin Scarf


A marvelous and classic design made by Daiske Nomura. It features three bridles and harnesses inspired by a Greek mythology legend of the Fates: the spinner, the allotter and the inflexible. Nomura was inspired by this Greek folklore to create a masterful piece emphasizing the three bridles as the three figures of destiny. It is available in two color patterns: Blanc / Orange / Caramel and Gris Chiné / Rose / Corail.

Hermès Shawls 140 cm

Rayures d’Ete Shawl


Made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk, this piece was designed by Filipe Jardim and it represents the spirit of vacations and the beach, with a tropical beach, a terrace, a pool and an oyster-farming village. Jardim was born in Brazil and he was inspired by the tropical feel of his country to design this scarf. It is made in multiple colors, ideal to match with your summer outfits.

Mon Premier Galop Shawl


A design made by Tong Ren, it represents a happy horse on the sand with a butterfly on a sunny day. Ren is a Chinese artist that draws inspiration from simple lines, bright colors and small details. This gorgeous scarf is available in two color variations that can adapt to any outfit: Orange Cuit / Étoupe / Bleu and Naturel / Bleu / Corail.

Libre Comme Pegase Shawl


Featuring the true meaning of Hermès with a free Pegase horse opening its wings in triumph, offering an imposing and confident step. This design was made by Jean-Louis Sauvat and it portrays the character and strength of a celestial horse. This beautiful shawl made of cashmere and silk, is available in different color patterns, including blue, green, beige, orange and gold.

Hermès Stoles for women

Lisiere Stole


A delicate and classic stole made of 90% cashmere and 10% silk, it features a simple background with a triple color line. Making it a perfect choice to match the vast majority of your clothes all year long. Its big size of 60 cm x 190 cm allows you to wear it in many different ways, covering your neck and shoulders from the cold.

New Libris Stole


A soft stole made of 85% cashmere and 15% silk. It showcases a delicate printing of the Ex-Libris Hermès motif. This scarf was designed by Sandy Queudrus, seeking a sophisticated and delicate touch of beauty. This stole is available in three main colors Gris Nuage, Kraft and Ivoire.

Double Face Stole


A soft and delicate cashmere stole with the “Hermès Sellier Paris” embroidery. As its name indicates, it has two different faces varying in color, but matching for specific palettes that you want to achieve with your clothing. It is available in Gris Flanelle / Ivoire, Noir / Beige Chiné, Rouge / Beige Chiné and Camel / Orange. The versatility of this Double Face stole allows you to reverse it and wear the two colors whenever you want.

Hermès Twillies

Mille et Un Lapins Twilly


The Mille et Un Lapis Twilly is certainly a creative and colorful design made by Shinsuke Kawahara. It consists of several rabbits running amongst horses and other animals, interrupting their race. This design is available in black and white background with multicolored drawings. This twilly scarf measures 5 cm x 86 cm, which makes it an ideal piece to be tied around your wrist or neck, and it can even be used as a headband.

Brides de Gala Applique Pique Twilly


This iconic design brought to a smaller size has been around in Hermès since 1957, when Hugo Grygkar worked alongside Robert Dumas, they got inspired by bridles that they lay down on the floor, creating a magnificent composition that inspired Grygkar to create the famous Bridles of Gala design. This distinctive reinterpretation features the bridles with more intricate details, celebrating the leatherwork put out by the brand’s artisans. This twilly scarf is available in various color patterns, including blue, yellow, light blue and pink.

Sur Mon Nuage Twilly


Moving around a childhood fantasy, with magical skies, incredible creatures and marvelous shapes, Dimitri Rybaltchenko puts together a composition that reminds us of imagination and fantasy tales, focusing on a world in the clouds full of wonder and magic. This beautiful twilly is available in fuchsia, blue, yellow and night sky blue, perfect to complement the elegance of your outfits with a fresh touch of imagination.

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