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Women : Sandals

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Hermès Women Sandals

Sandals are such fresh options for modern women, to look glamorous, feminine and overall beautiful. Without a doubt, luxury sandals are a must in every fashion lover’s collection, and which better choice than Hermès women sandals, with timeless designs and colorful options.

Here we show you some of the best Hermès women sandals, choose your favorites and add them to your collection. Purchase them with discounts at our online store!

  1. Desiree Sandals
  2. Dune Sandals
  3. Eze Sandals
  4. Oran Sandals
  5. Giulia Sandals
  6. Oasis Sandals
  7. Santorini Sandals

Desiree Sandals


Modern and edgy, the Desiree sandals are truly appealing footwear. These sandals are flat, made of calfskin with a strap to attach them to the ankle. They have an iconic “Collier de Chien” buckle plated in palladium. They are available in black and white, some of them are also found with blue studs instead of silver.

These sandals are your perfect allies for casual strolls in the city, and even for night time events, they can easily adapt to smart casual style and also a corporate look. Their neutral colors make them ideal to match with a great range of outfits.

Dune Sandals


A slightly different version of the Desiree sandals. These bold flat sandals lack the strap to attach them to the ankle, but they are very comfortable choices, with a spacious shape to adapt to every foot. They are made in calfskin, with palladium plated studs and a ring, paying homage to the “Collier de Chien” motif. They are available in black, beige dore and gold.

The Dune sandals offer a more casual style, they can be worn with dresses, shorts, jeans, or chino pants. They can also be worn alongside your beachwear, strolling through the beaches or your holiday destination.

Eze Sandals


The Eze sandals combine luxury and beach vibes. These high heel cork platform sandals are light and comfortable to wear. They are made of calfskin with a cork platform and notched sole. They are available in black, white and gold, perfect neutral tones to match your outfits.

The Eze sandals can be worn with summer dresses, beachwear and even in other contexts, such as a casual lunch with friends, a city stroll or a relaxed corporate environment. They are truly chic choices.

Oran Sandals


The classic of classics, and the most iconic Hermès sandals. The Oran sandals are flat and comfortable, they display the classic “H” cut-out, with a delicate and timeless silhouette. These sandals are found in more than 51 color combinations and they are predominately made of calfskin, although other variations have been made, such as canvas, denim and suede.

The Oran sandals can be worn with almost anything, they are light and comfortable, so they can be the complement to your casual looks, smart casual outings and even relaxed corporate environments. They are also perfect for vacations and to use them by the beach or pool.

Giulia Sandals


A true statement of sophistication. These flat sandals redefine the elegant approach, with a circular shape and a refined Kelly buckle plated in gold or palladium. They are crafted in calfskin and sometimes suede. They come in a range of colors such as black, white, gold, beige, naturel, green, red and soft pink.

These exclusive sandals can be worn in smart casual occasions, and even semi formal events, as they are very sophisticated and they have a timeless appeal. They can also be worn to casual outings and luxurious vacations.

Oasis Sandals


The Oasis sandals are an alternative to the Oran sandals. This choice brings the same aesthetic of the Oran sandals, but with a small heel to add a little bit more of elegance. They are crafted in calfskin and sometimes suede. They come in a great range of colors, mimicking their Oran counterparts.

With a refined and classic touch, the Oasis sandals can be worn to casual, and smart casual occasions, and also to corporate ensembles. They are timeless, stylish and simple.

Santorini Sandals


Santorini sandals join together the Oran sandals appeal with the comfort of secured footwear. These flat sandals feature the iconic “H” cut-out with an added strap to secure the sandals to your ankles. They are available in a wide range of colors to appeal to your favorite combinations.

The Santorini sandals are perfect companions for casual strolls through the city, going out with friends and going on vacations at the beach or pool. They are comfortable and stylish, without leaving aside the true meaning of luxury.

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