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Women's belts : Kelly

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Everything about the Hermès Kelly Belt

A classic of classics, the Kelly closure design has always been a representation of Hermès quality, luxury and commitment to craftsmanship. The brand has been applying this iconic buckle introduced in the Kelly handbag for years, and without a doubt it has enchanted the hearts of the fashion enthusiasts worldwide. One of the best representations of the Kelly design is the Kelly belt, a true masterpiece of style. Next, we will show you everything about the Hermès Kelly belt and where to find it with discounts, don’t miss it!

  1. Sizes of the Hermès Kelly belt
  2. How is the Hermès Kelly belt made?
  3. How to match a Hermès Kelly belt?
  4. How to take care of a Hermès Kelly belt?
  5. How to tell if a Hermès Kelly belt is authentic?
  6. Why invest in a Hermès Kelly belt?
  7. Where to buy a Hermès Kelly belt with discounts?

Sizes of the Hermès Kelly belt?


One of the biggest perks of the Hermès brand is its ability to provide customization and comfort to its clients, always offering enough sizes to make women feel confident and safe with their luxurious accessories. The Kelly belt goes beyond being a belt that is designed to fit everyone with just one size, thanks to its adjustable sliding strap, it can be worn by women with any type of body.

As the Kelly belt only comes in one size, the width is always the same, measuring 18mm, ideal for a subtle look that is sure to catch all the curious glances. The buckle of the Kelly belt is attached to the strap itself, so it is not removable and it is always of the same size.

How is the Hermès Kelly belt made?


The Hermès Kelly belt mirrors its handbag counterpart as it is also crafted with meticulous attention to detail and great care by skilled artisans. The process begins by choosing the right materials, high-quality and luxurious skins. The Kelly belts come in a great range of skins, including exotic skins such as crocodile, alligator and lizard, resembling the handbag with the same name. After selecting the high-quality skins, the artisans cut the perfect patterns to build the strap and dye them with the impressive Hermès colors.

The main difference between the Kelly belt and the Kelly handbag is that the belt is stitched by machine, because the construction needs to be sturdier to resist the passage of time. The artisans work tirelessly to stitch the belt and attain a beautiful finish. Then the buckle comes to action, crafted from durable brass and plated in gold, palladium, ruthenium or permabrass, this piece is definitely the star of the accessory. Some Kelly belts feature diamond incrustations on top of the hardware, showcasing the luxury of Hermès.

Once the strap is completed and the hardware is applied by hand with a small special hammer, the belt is subjected to a meticulous inspection by the quality control team, which focuses on examining the belt to make sure it is flawless. When the inspection is done, the artisans label the belt with the brand’s name using heat-stamps, printings and metal-engravings.

How to match a Hermès Kelly belt?


The Kelly belt represents the epitome of luxury, created to elevate any outfit no matter the occasion or combination you choose. The Kelly belt is a versatile piece that can be paired with almost anything. Here we show you some tips to match your Kelly belt:

  • Use it to define the waistline of any high-waisted skirts, cocktail dresses or even gowns. Try a classic color such as black to add a distinctive touch. You can also apply an exotic skin Kelly belt to be the center of attention at formal events, and even better if the belt has diamond incrustations.
  • For a casual look, pair your Kelly belt with jeans or high-waisted shorts, you can add a pop of color with your belt and use solid neutral colors for the rest of your outfit. You can also seize the opportunity to match it to your Kelly handbag and add some Hermès boots to complement the attire.
  • For a smart casual look or a business meeting you can pair a classic gold Kelly belt with tailored trousers and a blazer, add a colorful blouse to show your femininity. You can pair your look with a stack of Hermès bracelets, such as the Kelly double tour matching the colors of your belt.

How to take care of a Hermès Kelly belt?


To make sure your new Hermès Kelly belt stays stunning for years to come and maintains its value, follow these steps to keep it in top condition:

  • Store your Kelly belt in its original box and dust bag. Keep the box in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, extreme humidity, and temperature changes. This will prevent the strap from getting damaged and the buckle from losing its shine.
  • Be gentle when wearing the belt. Avoid pulling too hard and handle the buckle carefully while fastening it. This will prevent unnecessary wear and tear and protect the metal parts.
  • Don’t attempt to clean or restore the belt using household chemicals. Instead, entrust it to an authorized Hermès maintenance service or a reputable leather cleaner who knows how to handle luxury items.
  • If you notice dust or dirt on your belt, use a dry, lint-free cloth to gently wipe it away. Avoid using water or cleaning products, as they might damage the delicate materials.
  • Consider owning multiple Hermès Kelly belts so you can rotate them. This not only creates fresh looks but also distributes wear evenly, prolonging the life of each belt.

How to tell if a Hermès Kelly belt is authentic?


In a sea of counterfeit products online, being vigilant and equipped with knowledge is crucial when identifying a genuine Hermès Kelly belt. Here’s a checklist to help you discern the real deal:

  • Inspect the belt’s craftsmanship, examining finishes, stitches, and buckle construction. Authentic Hermès Kelly belts are meticulously made with impeccable details. Loose stitches or shoddy finishes are red flags for a counterfeit.
  • Genuine Kelly belts come in their original packaging. Look for the belt to be neatly enclosed in a correctly sized orange box, accompanied by a dust bag. Pay attention to the logos on both the box and dust bag.
  • Check for the Hermès logo, brand name, or engravings on stamps, prints, and metal parts. The presence of these markings indicates the belt’s authenticity, as Hermès uses them as official identifiers of their creations.
  • Always request the official purchase invoice. This document helps you cross-reference the belt’s attributes with the information listed, ensuring consistency and authenticity.
  • Protect yourself from counterfeits by purchasing exclusively from reputable sellers like Luxury with Discounts. We provide all the necessary official documents and packaging to guarantee the authenticity of your Hermès Kelly belt.

Why invest in a Hermès Kelly belt?


Crafted to withstand the test of time, the Hermès Kelly belt is more than a fashion statement—it’s an investment in enduring allure. Its durability and timeless appeal ensure that it remains a cherished piece in your collection, offering versatility and sophistication for years to come. Unlike conventional belts, the Hermès Kelly belt redefines your accessorizing approach by showing luxury that transcends fleeting trends.

Also the Hermès Kelly belt aligns with the brand’s legacy of value retention and appreciation. Just like other Hermès products, this belt holds its value and can even appreciate over time, making it a wise addition to your wardrobe. When you invest in a Hermès Kelly belt, you’re not just acquiring a fashionable accessory, but a piece that can certainly retribute a high profit if properly cared for.

Where to buy a Hermès Kelly belt with discounts?


If you want to add a touch of elegance to your outfits with a Hermès Kelly Belt but don’t want to spend too much money, you’re in the right place. At Luxury with Discounts, we offer a great collection of genuine, never-worn Hermès Kelly belts at lower prices. This means you can enjoy luxury without paying the full price.

What’s even better, we make sure to provide you with authenticity elements, we provide official invoices, original packaging, and payment tickets to prove the authenticity of your purchase. This way, you can feel confident in your choice and avoid getting fake items.

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