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Men : Tournis Tresse

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Tournis Tresse

Everything about the Hermès Tournis Tresse Bracelet

When it comes to refinement and style, the Hermès men’s bracelets have no match, offering incredible designs to cater to all types of tastes. However, there is a top bracelet that can’t be left aside, the subtle Hermès Tournis Tresse design, featuring a long leather braided strap with a creative “H” shaped clasp that closes delicately, providing a modern and understated look. Next, we will show you everything about the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet. Don’t miss it!

  1. Sizes of the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet
  2. How is the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet made?
  3. How to match a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet?
  4. How to take care of the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet?
  5. How to tell if a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet is authentic?
  6. Why invest in a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet?
  7. Where to buy a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet with discounts?

Sizes of the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet


The Hermès brand has always created enough sizes to make its clients feel comfortable with every accessory, and when it comes to the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet, it is no different. This minimalistic bracelet comes in four distinctive sizes, it is predominately used by men but it can also be used by women. The sizes are the following:

  • T3: measuring 16.5 cm of circumference.
  • T4: measuring 17.5 cm of circumference.
  • T5: measuring 18.5 cm of circumference.
  • T6: measuring 19.5 cm of circumference

The modern clasp closure system is very easy to use, by just pulling or pushing one side of the hardware to open or close the bracelet, allowing it to stretch to fit your wrist. The best thing about the Tournis Tresse bracelet is that you can find the ideal size for you or opt for a bigger size, so you can wear it in a double manner, creating a unique style.

How is the Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet made?


Like all of Hermès luxurious products, the Tournis Tresse bracelet requires meticulous production to ensure a perfect result, only attainable by the expert artisans of the brand. The whole process starts by selecting the ideal leather to create the strap, this particular bracelet is made in Swift calfskin, a leather that is recognized for its suppleness, which makes it easier to braid. Once the leather is selected, the artisans cut it into various strips and dye them with the brand’s signature colors.

When the calfskin strips are ready, the craftsmen begin the braiding process, combining the hand-braiding technique with the support of a machine that keeps the bracelet in perfect position. When it comes to the iconic “H” shaped hardware, it is created in brass, a resistant metal that is then plated in gold or palladium to create a durable and shiny layer. These metals are also available in brushed versions, which entails another special process to attain a matte finish instead of a glossy metallic shine.

After the hardware is completely done, the craftsmen attach it to both ends of the long braided leather strap, and secure it in the middle, creating a cord effect that allows the bracelet to stretch or contract when being open or closed. Finally, the Hermès’ quality control team reviews the creation to assess that it complies with the brand’s quality standards and that it is perfectly functional. To finish the piece, the artisans apply a metal engraving in the “H” shaped clasp to mark the bracelet as a flawless Hermès creation.

How to match a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet?


The subtleness of this piece and the great range of colors it comes in, makes it an incredibly versatile accessory that can easily be paired in many occasions if done in the right way. Here we will share some tips to match your new Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet:

  • Business wear: Opt for neutral colors like black, brown, or navy for your bracelet to complement your business attire. If your outfit includes gold accents, choose a Tournis Tresse with a gold-plated clasp; if it’s silver, go for palladium. Keep the rest of your accessories simple to maintain a polished and professional look.
  • Formal occasions: Consider darker and more subdued bracelet colors like deep blue, burgundy, or gray. Opt for the shiny gold or palladium clasp variations to add a touch of luxury to your formal outfit. Let the bracelet stand out by avoiding too many other accessories.
  • Casual outings: Experiment with brighter, more playful colors like red, green, or yellow. Don’t be afraid to pair your Tournis Tresse with other casual accessories like leather bracelets or a Hermès watch. Combine your bracelet with different textures, like denim or cotton, for a relaxed look.
  • Summer attire: Opt for light and bright colors such as sky blue, pastel yellow, or white to match the summer vibe. Choose the clasp finish that complements your overall look: matte for a relaxed beach style or shiny for a more refined summer outfit. Experiment with stacking multiple bracelets for a trendy, laid-back appearance.

How to take care of a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet?


Taking good care of your bracelet will keep it in great condition and help it keep its value over time. Here are some tips to care for your Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet:

  • Store it in its original box and dust bag. Avoid storing it alongside other jewelry that may tangle with it such as necklaces, rings or cufflinks. Don’t store it in a humid place with temperature fluctuations, since the humidity can tarnish the metal and damage the leather. Keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.
  • Take off your bracelet when engaging in activities that may make you sweat, such as exercising or entering a sauna. You should also avoid any water contact from pools, the beach or hot tubs.
  • While putting the bracelet on or off, be mindful of its delicate closing system, don’t pull too hard and avoid scratching the hardware against rough surfaces that might cause dents or scratches.
  • Don’t attempt to restore the bracelet at home using chemicals, if the bracelet needs cleaning take it to the Hermès maintenance service for expert help.
  • Don’t use perfumes, lotions or any other liquid around your wrists when using the bracelet, since these harsh chemicals can damage the materials.
  • Consider purchasing several Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelets to rotate them and wear them evenly, instead of wearing a single piece several times.

How to tell if a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet is authentic?


Authenticity is a very important aspect when purchasing a luxury product, especially because there are thousands of counterfeits online. This is why you must check the following aspects to ensure you buy a genuine piece:

  • Carefully examine the leather for any imperfections. The leather should be smooth and flawless. Check if the hardware is shiny and in perfect condition. Impeccable craftsmanship should be evident, with no signs of sloppy finishes.
  • Authentic Tournis Tresse bracelets come in an orange box and dust bag. Look for the Hermès logo on the box lid as a clear indicator of authenticity.
  • Genuine Tournis Tresse bracelets have metal engravings on the hardware. Ensure that these engravings display consistent fonts and are easily legible.
  • Always ask for an official invoice with your purchase. This document allows you to cross-reference the bracelet’s details with its physical characteristics, serving as a crucial authenticity indicator.
  • Be cautious when buying online. Stick to reputable websites like Luxury with Discounts, known for providing traceability and proof of authenticity. Avoid sketchy online marketplaces to ensure the legitimacy of your investment.

Why invest in a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet?


Purchasing a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet is a wise choice. These bracelets aren’t just fashionable but can also hold their worth and even become more valuable as time goes by. Owning an authentic Tournis Tresse bracelet gives you the opportunity to maintain it well and potentially sell it later for a profit, turning it into a valuable investment.

Aside from their investment potential, Tournis Tresse bracelets are versatile additions to your wardrobe. They can easily enhance any outfit, no matter the occasion or season. With a broad selection of colors available, they remain timeless and luxurious. Furthermore, their top-notch materials ensure they remain in excellent condition, making them long-lasting accessories that will be a part of your collection for years to come.

Where to buy a Hermès Tournis Tresse bracelet with discounts?


If you’re a fan of Tournis Tresse bracelets and want to expand your collection without spending too much, we have an excellent solution for you. At Luxury with Discounts, we offer genuine, never-worn Hermès products at amazing discounts. In our store, you can explore a wide range of Hermès bracelets, all priced lower than retail, allowing you to save money while enjoying brand-new accessories.

Rest assured, we prioritize authenticity. We provide official invoices, original packaging, and payment tickets to confirm that your Hermès accessories are authentic.

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