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Hermès Watch : Women

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Everything about Hermès Women's Watches

Timepieces are very important complements for women’s accessories, bringing a sense of sophistication and elegance, while also being functional, helping them track time in their day to day life. When it comes to true luxury, Hermès watches are a must have, with their incredible craftsmanship and iconic models. Here we show you everything about Hermès women’s watches, so you can learn about these classics.

  1. Which are the best Hermès women’s watches?
  2. Sizes of Hermès women’s watches
  3. How are Hermès women’s watches made?
  4. How to match Hermès women’s watches?
  5. How to take care of Hermès women’s watches?
  6. How to tell if Hermès women’s watches are authentic?
  7. Why invest in Hermès women’s watches?
  8. Where to buy Hermès women’s watches with discounts?

Which are the best Hermès women’s watches?


Hermès has created truly outstanding watches in its collection for women, and with time they continue to innovate while also bringing back the classics. Here we show you the best women’s watches from the French brand:

  • Cape Cod Watch: Blending maritime inspiration with modern design, the Cape Cod Watch showcases a rectangular case that pays homage to Hermès’ nautical heritage. The iconic double-wrap strap adds a contemporary twist.
  • Arceau Watch: The Arceau Watch boasts an alluring round case with asymmetrical lugs reminiscent of a stirrup. Rooted in equestrian heritage, its design seamlessly marries functionality with artistic flair.
  • Heure H Watch: The Heure H Watch captivates with its unconventional “H” shaped case, a canvas for creative dials and strap variations. A symbol of modern elegance and innovation.
  • Medor Watch: The Medor Watch stands out with a pyramid-shaped stud concealing the watch face. This distinctive feature infuses the timepiece with edgy sophistication and Hermès’ trademark innovation.
  • Galop d’Hermes Watch: Celebrating Hermès’ equestrian heritage, the Galop d’Hermes Watch boasts a stirrup-shaped case and lugs reminiscent of a horse’s gallop. A harmonious blend of art and heritage.
  • Nantucket Watch: Paying homage to the iconic Hermès anchor chain motif, the Nantucket Watch features a rectangular case that blends classic and contemporary elements.
  • Faubourg Watch: The Faubourg Watch embodies subtle elegance with its slim profile, delicate dials, and refined details. A testament to Hermès’ dedication to minimalism.
  • Kelly Watch: The Kelly Watch carries the iconic spirit of the Kelly handbag, with its distinctive padlock-shaped case. It captures the essence of sophistication and luxury.

Sizes of Hermès women’s watches


Explore the perfect match in Hermès watches, featuring a diverse selection of sizes to cater to individual tastes. Whether you lean towards a daintier timepiece or a more pronounced statement watch, Hermès ensures a fitting option for every woman.

When it comes to case sizes, Hermès watches offer a range from mini to large, accommodating various style preferences and comfort levels. Moreover, these watches are designed with different wrist sizes in mind, making them suitable for women, delivering a tailored experience.

Thickness options in Hermès watches are designed to align with your desired level of elegance or boldness. Whether you’re drawn to a sleek, slender design or a more substantial presence on your wrist, Hermès has a collection that resonates with your choices.

How are Hermès women’s watches made?


Hermès watches for women are made with precision and detail, resulting in a flawless timepiece that will last for decades. The process begins by selecting the materials, such as calfskin, brass, gold, steel, palladium, silver, diamond and pearl. These beautiful materials are of the highest-quality, to ensure that the Hermès watches are durable and can resist continuous use.

Everything follows with the intervention of the acclaimed Hermès watchmakers, trained in the Swiss tradition, obtaining incredible precision in the movement and accuracy of these watches. After they are crafted with special and delicate machinery, the watches are put to test to see if they are perfectly calibrated and if they work flawlessly.

Meanwhile, the craftsmen get ready to create the impressive straps made of skin or metal. To create the skin straps, they inspect the leather, calfskin is the most typically used, but there are also straps made of crocodile, alligator and lizard skin. After the inspection, they cut the patterns, dye them and hand-stitch them together with a traditional Hermès method. Once they are done, the buckles and hardware are applied alongside the timepiece.

The metal straps are created thanks to the intervention of the Hermès jewelers, crafting the piece from brass or steel, and plating it with gold or palladium, adding resistance and a beautiful shine. The jewelers also apply the gemstones, or diamonds to some pieces that require it.

When the whole process is done, the quality control team inspects the final result and once it is approved as a flawless creation from Hermès, the artisans engrave the metal with the brand’s name and logo, as well as the leather straps with heat-stamps, confirming the authenticity of the pieces.

How to match Hermès women’s watches?


Aligning a Hermès women’s watch with your outfit strikes a balance between personal style and the event at hand. Here are some straightforward pointers to keep in mind:

  • Sophisticated evenings: Opt for formal events by selecting watches like the Faubourg or Nantucket, which boast timeless designs radiating elegance.
  • Daily grace: Elevate your everyday look with watches such as the Cape Cod and Heure H, seamlessly enhancing your attire with subtle luxury. The leather straps pair well with jeans.
  • Bold choices: For those aiming to make a statement, the Medor or Galop d’Hermes watches, featuring distinctive elements, capture attention effortlessly.
  • Modern edge: Embrace an interesting twist with the Arceau Watch, a creative masterpiece perfect for adding flair to modern ensembles.

How to take care of Hermès women’s watches?


Taking good care of your Hermès watches is essential to keep them looking pristine for many years to come, while also helping them revalue for a future sale. Here are some tips to protect your Hermès women’s watches:

  • Store them away from other jewelry that may tangle around them. Put them in their original box, in a dry and cool place away from sunlight and humidity. Keep the temperature stable to minimize damage to the leather straps and metals.
  • Take off your Hermès watch if you’re going to perform any sport activity or anything that includes water. The sweat and water can damage the leather of the strap, as well as tarnish the metal. Be aware of rain and avoid getting your watch wet, because it may stop functioning correctly.
  • Don’t apply perfumes, lotions or any type of chemical to your skin while wearing the watch. The components in the chemicals can produce heavy damage to the materials.
  • Rotate your watches frequently, so you can wear them evenly and avoid too many signs of wear and tear to a specific piece.
  • Clean them regularly with a soft dry lint-free cloth, to wipe away dust or any dirt accumulation. Don’t restore them or clean them with chemicals, better take them to the Hermès maintenance service so they can be restored by professionals.

How to tell if Hermès women’s watches are authentic?


Authenticity is a very important thing regarding luxury accessories, and when purchasing a Hermès watch, you need to make sure you have a genuine piece in order for it to revalue. Here are some elements to check to assess authenticity:

  • The materials and overall craftsmanship needs to be flawless, you need to check the stitches in the leather straps, the finishes on the metal parts and the functionality of the watch to verify it is authentic and a quality product.
  • The packaging is also crucial, check that the watch comes with the original Hermès orange box and ideal packaging to put the watch comfortably and keep it secure. The lid of the box should have a logo, examine it carefully.
  • The engravings on the watch, such as the back of the timepiece, and also the heat-stamps or prints of the straps are key aspects to determine the authenticity, they must be clear, with consistent font.
  • Ask for the official invoice with each of your purchases, this way you can compare the data of the invoice with the characteristics of the watch and be sure of its genuineness.
  • Avoid purchasing from sketchy websites and buy only from official sources or reputable websites such as Luxury with Discounts, which offers official invoices, original packaging and more.

Why invest in Hermès women’s watches?


When purchasing a luxury timepiece, such as those from Hermès, you’re making a valuable investment, not only because of the beauty, craftsmanship and quality, but also because Hermès items retain their value and are able to appreciate with time. If you purchase one of these watches and keep it in good condition, you can resell it in the future for more than you paid for.

On the other hand, a Hermès watch will be much more durable, resistant and accurate than any other common watch. The iconic designs are highly recognized in the fashion world, making them statement pieces that can bring you status and exclusivity. Besides, the versatility of these watches is unmatched, they are perfect additions to your collection.

Where to buy Hermès women’s watches with discounts?


If you’re a fashion lover and you want to purchase Hermès watches for women while saving some money, we have the ideal solution for you. Luxury with Discounts is a reputable online store where you can find never-worn authentic Hermès products for lower than retail price, so you can enjoy new pieces for less than the original value.

We are committed to authenticity and we care for your peace of mind, this is why we offer you irrefutable proof of authenticity with each of your purchases, providing the official Hermès invoice, the original packaging, payment tickets and much more, so you can be completely sure of the genuineness of your watch.

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