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Jewelry : Bracelets in Rose Gold

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Bracelets in Rose Gold

Bracelets in rose gold

Hermès jewelry is undoubtedly a marvel, made with luxurious materials and timeless designs. However, few pieces are as stunning as the Hermès bracelets in rose gold, truly beautiful jewelry that can add a touch of femininity and sophistication to your ensembles.

Next, we will tell you more about these luxurious Hermès bracelets in rose gold, and we will show you which pieces are the most popular amongst Hermès lovers.

  1. Glorious craftsmanship
  2. The best Hermès bracelets in rose gold

Glorious craftsmanship


Hermès is known for putting emphasis in its craftsmanship and using only high-quality materials, showing clients and competitors alike that its pieces are exclusive and durable. When it comes to Hermès bracelets in rose gold, we can’t leave aside their specialized craftsmanship, carried out by expert jewelers that are able to immortalize the brand’s iconic designs into sophisticated pieces.

The jewelers use quality 18k gold to craft these pieces, and they mix it with copper to give it a very interesting and feminine pink hue, very similar to champagne with strawberry tints. The process is very detailed and once they reach the ideal color and consistency, they proceed to solidify it and mold each bracelet to its ideal shape, drawing inspiration from the brand’s heritage.

Finally, small luxurious details are added, such as diamonds, pearls and delicate metal engravings, finishing the pieces with precision and a remarkable style that no one can replicate.

The best Hermès bracelets in rose gold

The Hermès bracelets collection offers a wide variety of styles, but none compare to the beauty and sophistication of the Hermès bracelets in rose gold. Here we show you some of the best pieces you can get from our store.

Vertige Coeur bracelet


The Hermès Vertige Coeur bracelet is a homage to love, showcasing a distinguished heart shape that loops with an inner circle and a dainty diamond encrusted in the center. The delicate bracelet chain closes with a distinctive system, offering a clean and delicate look to any wrist.

The bracelet is crafted in high-quality 18k rose gold, with a small diamond of 0.05 carats. A true luxurious piece that can’t be missing from your collection.

Kelly Clochette bracelet


A delicate and fine piece that portrays a chain resembling a zipper. It showcases a small Kelly padlock with a clochette shaped pendant and a small key. This piece pays homage to the iconic Kelly handbag and its distinctive clochette, key and padlock

The piece is made entirely of 18k rose gold, with a shiny finish and a very delicate shape that is meant to be worn in special occasions, where subtlety and elegance are the ideal complements.

Finesse bracelet


A delicate but timeless piece, the Finesse bracelet consists of a fine delicate chain that joins together with a toggle clasp. The feminine and minimalist piece contains 18 diamonds decorating the toggle clasp, and the bracelet is entirely made of 18k rose gold.

This piece is ideal for a formal event or a gala dinner, representing the beauty and refinement of a lady. You can’t miss this classic piece in your collection.

Chaine d’Ancre Contour bracelet


A truly luxurious bracelet, the Chaine d’Ancre Contour is applied to the wrist effortlessly, blending with the natural curves of the hand. The design showcases the contour of the legendary Chaine d’Ancre or anchor chain motif, offering a minimalistic yet sophisticated option to wear to formal events.

The bracelet is entirely made of 18k rose gold and it has 131 diamonds that trace the bracelet’s design, demonstrating the true luxury that Hermès is capable of achieving.

Ex-Libris bracelet


With a remarkable and classic silhouette, the Ex-Libris bracelet showcases Hermès heritage with the Ex-Libris logo engraved delicately in a rounded pendant. The bracelet also has two other pendants, one plain gold circle and a small diamond.

The Ex-Libris bracelet offers great sophistication and style with its structure made entirely of 18k rose gold. The piece is a perfect complement for casual occasions and it can be applied to formal outfits by combining it with other small bracelets.

Chaine d’Ancre Verso bracelet


The Chaine d’Ancre verso bracelet offers a fresh alternative for day to day use. The piece is simple yet very luxurious, entirely made of 18k rose gold with a small ceramic toggle closure that represents the iconic Chaine d’Ancre motif, but this time in solid state.

This beautiful piece of jewelry can be worn to a very wide variety of events and it can always be adjusted to many pieces in your collection, offering you a truly spectacular touch to your outfits.

So, do you want to buy any of these Hermès bracelets in rose gold?

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