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Hermès Watch : Straps

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Hermès Watch Straps

Hermès is a brand known for its innovation and ability to keep its tradition, and the best representation of this statement is their recent collaboration with Apple. Today, there are new Hermès Apple watches that join together the best of technology and luxury. These watches are true marvelous accessories, but they are also fashionable thanks to their Hermès watch straps.

Next, we will show you some more about the Hermès watch straps, so you can pick your favorite options and create your own collection of Apple watches with Hermès straps. Keep reading and learn how to buy them with discounts!

  1. What are Hermès watch straps?
  2. The best Hermès watch straps
  3. Which Hermès watch strap to use on each occasion?

What are Hermès watch straps?


The Hermès watch straps are versatile luxurious straps designed to be interchangeable when using a Hermès Apple watch. For people that are inclined to wear exclusive and technological products, these watch straps are the perfect complement to create a well-rounded outfit.

As the Hermès brand is known for its ability to craft incredible pieces by hand, their watch straps are no different, they are made carefully using calfskin and fabric, that are meticulously hand-stitched to perfection. Rubber watch straps are also available, and their craftsmanship is no less specialized.

All Hermès watch straps are made with widths of 41mm to 45mm, to make them perfectly adaptable to the Apple watches and also to look accordingly on feminine and masculine wrists. When it comes to sizes, they are all adjustable and come in different circumferences to please everyone.

The best Hermès watch straps

Here, we will show you some of the best options for Hermès watch straps, they are all designed to accommodate to your wrist, but also to provide versatility, luxury and beauty, allowing you to create coordinated looks with the rest of your jewelry and accessories.



The most acclaimed and sought-after Hermès watch straps, these leather pieces are a true homage to the brand’s early beginnings as a leather workshop, perpetuating Thierry Hermès’ techniques of saddle stitching. They are usually made using Swift calfskin, which is known to provide a soft look with a supple quality. They are available in many colors, from classic black, gold, white and etoupe, to more vibrant colors, such as orange, blue, red and pink.

The leather straps often include palladium plated hardware, that goes perfectly well with silver toned jewelry, and can also match gold accents. The Hermès leather watch straps are available with a single or a double tour, adding an extra flair to the beauty of the accessory, and reminiscing on some of the iconic Hermès leather bracelets with double straps.

Here are the best options of Hermès watch leather straps:

  • Band Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Deployment Buckle
  • Band Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Attelage
  • Band Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Gourmette



The fabric straps are ideal for Hermès lovers that like their watch to have a more whimsical appearance. These straps are made with a variety of materials, such as nylon and canvas, they can be either woven or knitted. The Hermès fabric watch straps come in a range of colors, such as blue, red, green, orange, beige, black, pink and gray.

All of Hermès fabric watch straps come with palladium plated hardware. Just as the leather version, they are also available with a single or double tour, so you can make a bold statement with your Hermès watch strap, or keep it simple and polished.

These are the best options of Hermès watch fabric straps:

  • Band Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Bridon
  • Band Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Twill Jump
  • Band Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Toile H



Although it is not a traditional material often seen in the creation of Hermès products, it is still a fantastic option that the brand has been offering with its new Hermès Apple watch straps. The Hermès rubber watch straps are made with precision, allowing them to adapt perfectly to men and women’s wrists.

At this moment, there is only one type of Hermès watch rubber strap, and it is the Band Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Deployment Buckle Kilim. This buckle system allows for a perfect and secure closure to the wrist, making it easier to put it on and take it off.

The Hermès rubber watch straps are available in four main colors: orange, red, blue and black, so you can use these basic hues to match them to your outfits. All of them are available with palladium plated hardware.

Which Hermès watch strap to use on each occasion?

Just like all your fashion garments, Hermès Apple watches and Hermès watch straps should be used in specific contexts, so you can seize their potential to the maximum and also display your exquisite taste. This is why we have prepared some tips so you can know when to use each type of Hermès watch strap.

Casual occasions


When going on a casual occasion, or simply when going out to run some errands, you can use your Hermès watch with any of the three types of watch straps, as they are all perfectly adaptable to the casual setting.

It will all depend on the style you’re wearing. If you’re just wearing jeans, a blouse or shirt and some simple sneakers or boots, then you can use a simple leather strap. If you’re going out on sweatpants and want a more relaxed approach, you can use your Hermès rubber watch strap. And if you’re using a more elaborate attire, especially during colder months when you need to use scarves and coats, a fabric watch strap can be the perfect complement to your knitted garments.

Sporty looks


If you’re going out to exercise by jogging, you’re going to the gym or simply practicing any sport, it is definitely best to use rubber watch straps, not only because they look better with this type of wear, but also because they are more comfortable to do these activities.

By using a rubber watch strap while doing these exercises, you’re avoiding damage to your leather or fabric straps, because sweat and other liquids can be especially harmful to these materials. So rubber is your perfect companion to exercise, because it can be easily washed, and it won’t lose shape or color if confronted with the acidic sweat pH.

Formal or corporate attire


When it is time to visit a more sophisticated environment, your only option will be using a Hermès leather watch strap. These bands will make you look exclusive and will demonstrate to your peers that you’re a fashionable individual. The leather straps are ideal to be paired with suits for men, and with blazers and tailored skirts for women, especially in corporate situations.

Although a Hermès Apple Watch is not the ideal watch to bring into a formal event if you’re a woman, you can still rock it with a proper leather strap in a refined color, such as black or white. Men can also pair it with a proper suit, and they even have more options to match it with black, navy or beige suits.

In any way, using a Hermès watch can also be the ideal way to go if you have been invited to a highly luxurious gala, since you can choose from more sophisticated Hermès watches like the Arceau watch, the Kelly watch and the Faubourg watch.

We hope we have clarified some of your doubts about the Hermès watch straps, and we hope you’re ready to expand your collection with us. At Luxury with Discounts you will be able to buy authentic, never-worn Hermès products with incredible discounts, enjoying the best of luxury without breaking the bank.

Best of all, we provide you with authenticity documents, so you’re 100% sure and safe about the genuineness of your purchase.

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